Verification of website with other methods?

I would like to verify my website. Unfortunately I am using a website builder that doesn’t allow me to either access the DNS or upload files, which are the only two methods of verifying ownership as far as I know (outside of WordPress). My provider is Jimdo if that helps. I contacted their support but other than offering me assistance in transferig to another host they couldn’t help. So I was wondering how else I could verify ownership of my website.
It would be farely easy for me to put up the contents of the verification txt on the site but the instructions were pretty specific about the whole url path with the folder and everything.

Any help would be great. I’d really like to use and promote this system.

@GJones there’s only 3 methods to verify your site.

I’m not familiar with Jimdo, but if you have, I think you should be able to access your DNS.

I do have a full domain without subdomain or stuff like that.

I mailed support and they replied
" Jimdo does not offer domain-only hosting services, as we are a website builder, and not a traditional domain host. Therefore it is not possible to change or set custom DNS settings.

We also do not support redirects to other sites.

If you would like more control over your DNS settings, you would need to move your domain to a host that offers these options."

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