Venezuela Under review?

Hi, i’ve been working with my brave account previusly and this the third time earning with brave, but in this time i got a suspencion about a review!

i have send a mail to, but it show me my dashboad like this

" We’ve noticed some unusual activity on your account. For that reason, we’ve suspended access while we take a closer look. Reasons may include violations of the BAT grant guidelines.

We know that this is inconvenient and we’re sorry about that but we’d rather play it safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your account and Brave Rewards.

If you think you know what might be going on, the fastest way to clear this up is to get in touch with us at where a real human will read and reply to your message." :relaxed:

Hi @hugomez00 - please DM me the email linked to your account. Thank you.

i’ve done send you e message please help

Thanks, i’ve send you by DM! thanks!