VBAT for Second Device Not Showing up when connecting to Uphold

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I have been using Brave since 2019 and had a couple of devices receiving VBAT rewards from then until the requirement for a connection to an exchange. I connected my first device to Uphold back in April 2023 which had 350 VBAT in the browser and when I connected it to Uphold only 134.75 turned up in wallet. I put a ticket in regarding this first device on April 24 (ticket number 191598) but never received a response back.

With the VBAT sunset pending I connected my second machine to the same Uphold account just today (I put this off until now because of my first poor experience with no support response back). The second laptop had 220.25 VBAT accumulated and my Uphold wallet balance had accrued to 143.844 prior to connecting second account today. After connecting the second machine my balance flashed to 360+ BAT for a split second before reverting to the exact same 143.844 balance my other laptop showed prior to connecting it, so it appears this time zero VBAT was converted from the second machine. I have put in another ticket for this second issue (ticket number 230991).

I have mobile devices that have wallets too from this 2019 period too but am wondering if it’s even worth connecting them to an exchange now if I’m just giving away my device info and linking it to my identity when the VBAT conversion doesn’t even seem to work. This is quite ironic for a company that advertises itself as a bastion for privacy.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? (Menu --> About Brave)
Windows 11 and Brave 1.59.124

Who is your verified custodian? (Uphold/Gemini/bitFlyer)

Are you in a supported region?

Keep in mind it doesn’t show up instantly. Usually can take a few hours or up to a few days. With larger numbers, it can sometimes delay until the payout when it’s close.

That said, I guess there’s the possibility as it processed your data that the account got flagged because it saw “suspicious activity.”

I’m sure they’ll get back to you on the ticket. Just do a favor and reply here on Monday to advise if payment has or has not arrived.

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Thanks for the reply and information. I still haven’t received any payment, but at least I got an email back from support saying they are investigating it this time. Not sure if I’ll bother linking any more of my devices to Uphold though if the conversion is such a process, especially with the deadline tomorrow.

@Lor if you connect, you should at least be guaranteed the BAT so long as your account(s) aren’t flagged. The deadline is just that anyone who attempts to connect after won’t get anything. So if you have balances on other devices, it might be worth connecting

I ended up taking your suggestion on this and connected another two of my devices, unfortunately I have encountered the same problem with those - with only fractions of the VBAT received. I connected a PC that had 172.75 VBAT and received 51.5 BAT then I connected my old phone which had 77.75 VBAT and only received 5.5 BAT.

So in total these 4 devices had 825.75 VBAT and I only received 191.75 BAT (dating back to the laptop I connected back in April which had 350 VBAT). I updated my ticket so hopefully I hear back from support.

Have been in contact with CS multiple times now. At first was told it would be resolved with November payout. I haven’t seen any change in balance since October still. Each time since, have been told it would be resolved the week of the ticket update and the last one said it would be resolved with the December payout. Hopefully this is accurate this time.

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