vBat elimination in april 2023

2nd post where i see such statement where people compare 2 browsers.
And the hilarious point here, that they don t know the foundation of the project.

I hate B.E and his project, i will go to another one i like better… :man_facepalming:

You can’t understand what brave is doing to us Indian users. So, I don’t care about your opinion.

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I think nobody mentioned BE here, except you. Please don’t change the topic.

They will say that they understand but they really don’t understand…

What if new wallet introduced just a day before vbat elimination and it takes 2 days to get verified :joy::joy:
Or they are genuinely trying and succeed in adding us back before vbat elimination. In the 2nd case we owe them an apology😅

vBAT has been designed for the users, so that it can be used to support Creators.

I don t see anywhere, that is specified that you can use 5 devices, and collect so that eventually get richer(that is technically impossible.)

You as a user, knowing that there is no way yet to convert the tokens, YOU still opted in to receive Ads.
And as i said, i can bet that non of you here read the whitepaper, terms and conditions, and the most important WHO is the creator.
As you didn t understood my previously post, is quite clear for me , who you are.

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Then maybe others feel the same, about your opinion.
You are free to flag/like, but when using reply is important to use a decent vocabulary and diplomacy to reach the desired attention.
You think you are violent? and the internet is not enouch for you? then go in the streets, and blame your government, that it seems they like to keep ppl in leash.

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Clearly you didn t get the point(but i will give a hint, founder of Mozilla and founder of Brave), related to :

About understanding the bigger picture in this ecosystem

Again clearly you didn t understood, that actually your government is the issue here, and not Brave.

We can go all the day, and i assure you that all the arguments that will be posted here, your answer will still be :
Where are my vBAT? and you will continue to act like a malfunctioned bot.

Arguments are important, not just throwing dirt.

Maybe the community will make a certain fixed topic, where you frustration can be showed but using real identity, and not n new accounts for spam.


Conversations are unproductive and strictly argumentative.