Varzesh3 and gif ads


I like the way you guys are working on this browser GJ keep it up! :slight_smile:
I was testing the brave on different websites till I visited this website:
I enabled all of the filters but still, those gif ads can’t get block:(
At the same time, I tested another browser with the addguard extension installed and they got block.
Can you pls consider a fix for this issue?
I apologize for my Eng mistakes :slight_smile:
Many thnx♥


Can we have this option to let the user block some ads manually?an option like block ads in top right corner.
So the user just needs to click it and chose what to block.


You claim you can block Ads! But Brave cant block these ads!
15 days passed and not even one answer from devs or anyone …I guess this browser just claim that can block ads but in the real world it sucks.


Hi @sunshine-boy,

I’m sorry for late response. And thanks for reporting. :slight_smile:
Currently, Brave block 3rd party ads but not block 1st party ads yet. I’ll take a look at that site and report it for investigation.

Also, what OS are you on and your Brave version (you can type about:brave in URL bar and copy the info from there)?

will also ccing @luke.mulks or @LaurenWags

Not at this time. In the future, user will have that ability. The team is working on it.

As a quick remember, Brave is pre-1.0 and the team is working hard to make it better.
Again, thanks for reporting,


Hello and thank you for the answers you gave :-)I’m running win 10 and also i was using the last stable version of brave. I also applied all filters on it…but I removed it because lack of features.
Its ok so it cant block 1 party Ads for now I understand.

Thnaks for your wok.


Hello @sunshine-boy - I work at Brave, and am investigating this domain.

Thanks for reporting this. Will report on progress as I investigate, and provide a link to github if we open an issue for it.

Stay tuned, -Luke


After a quick check into this, I’m seeing a few things.

  1. Varzesh is serving the ads through first party requests, which aren’t typically blocked (1st party = publisher owned and operated in most cases) .

  2. There are other cases, where a publisher will use a 1st party proxy request to then make a 3rd party ad request. Anti-ad blocking solutions offer these types of things. We typically have to untangle them and fix from within the browser.

  3. When I run a fast comparison against chrome, I see that there are two div containers that are blocked in adblock plus/adblock using an element blocking rule. I’m seeing other ads display in chrome, that are served 1st party.

The back and forth between first party and 3rd party rules can make anyone dizzy, so what I’ll do instead of getting into the weeds on that front, is mention that we are currently working on a feature to allow for users to right-click and block these ads on the fly. See this issue to track:

I hope this helps, but let me know if you have any other questions. I’m going to double check to see if there are any 3rd party requests that take place just to be sure.


Hello, and thank you for the reply I really appreciate your help.
I found they cant get the block and thought I must report it.
So they are 1st party ads and thats why i see.
Since these ads are Gif can brave have an extension that can block gif? I found an extension that can block these ads without any problem.

Its a bit outdated but will work on varzesh3 because it can block gif.
If you guys design a gif blocker extension or smth like that it will work on websites like this one.
That feature you talked about it is cool and I like it.Good job
Waiting to see new features and improvements.