Various Links Won't Open Even With Shields Down


If I am clicking on various links in say a forum, many of them will not open in Brave even if I put
Shields Down. If I then copy the link to Edge, it opens and is perfectly normal web page.

What up with that?

I assume somewhere deep in the million settings I must have done something wrong. The message I get has ZERO USEFUL information.

I’d like to be able to open any normal link.



Mind sharing the link that you are facing the issue with shields down ? You could try clearing your browser cache once and see if it works.


Agreed, been getting this a lot last few days, several sites with same thing. Feels like a browser thing for sure. It’s almost as if the link never fully loads or there is a script blocked somewhere.


Here is an example:



Hey Mark,

When you click on the link, are you regular (left) clicking, right click -> new tab, or ctrl+clicking the link?

Also make sure you check out our latest release, as it fixes several bugs/issues. You can get the newest release here: V0.23.19 for laptop has been released!


Right clicking seems to work. But, I don’t know why that should be so? Some open with a normal left click, others need a right click? Seems like a weird quirck that ought not be there.
Thanks for the help.


@aroadrunner, would you be able to give us some example websites where the links dont work properly so we can test it on our end?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


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