Various Bookmark Issues preventing me to use Brave on a daily base



I downloaded Brave today to examine if this will become my new preferred browser for daily use, but since bookmarks are one the most important things for me in a browser I won’t be using Brave on a daily base until the next issues will be resolved;

I am using Windows 10 64-bit. I only downloaded Brave and did not install anything else.
After that I imported bookmarks from Chrome, which worked just fine.
Then I used the menu to select Bookmarks/Bookmarks … to start editing the imported bookmarks

When I drag bookmarks from a folder to the Other Bookmarks folder, all bookmarks are lost. They will not appear in the Other Bookmarks folder

When I use Select All (CTRL-A) no bookmark is being selected. I can only select all elements by clicking on the first element, hold SHIFT and click on the last element. It would be much easier if the default select, copy and paste functionality can be used (CTRL-C/CTRL-V/CTRL-X e.d.)

There is no option to sort the bookmarks (or I could not find it, which means it is not on a intuitive place?)

When I have selected multiple bookmarks and then click on the right mousebutton the indication (highlight) that multiple bookmarks have been selected is removed. That way it looks like the bookmarks are not selected anymore (but they actually are still selected)

Once these issues will be resolved, Brave will become a browser that I definitely want to work with, as I do like the UI and UX! Hope this can be resolved soon, so I can enjoy Brave on a daily base :slight_smile:


@PERCEPT10NDeveloper Issues 2,3 & 4 is being addressed and should be resolved with this

Issue 1 should be resolved in the next release. The issue can be tracked here

Will keep the thread open for discussion



I’d like to add: Adding website logos to the bookmarks (or the option to add logos), to make it more visible, would also be very useful.


Hi @TommyQ,

Do you mean favicon not shown in Bookmark Toolbar? You can set it from about:preferences#general under Bookmarks Bar section to show text and favicon or favicon only.


@sriram, If I’m not mistaken, #1 is bookmark not move to Other Bookmarks. Other user reported related issue (maybe same issue) Other Bookmarks Folder Does Not Work

Is that closed issue fix this too?


@eljuno I believe its the same. Bookmarks in other bookmarks folder are not shown on the toolbar, this is the current behavior. Moving bookmarks into other bookmarks in bookmark manager not showing should be fixed by


Ah, thank for the info @sriram :slight_smile:

closed #8