Vanguard (uk) Investment Website not working properly

VANGUARD (uk) investment website: When using Brave browser (iPhone 7) on this website and trying to scroll on the ‘what we offer’ section, Brave browser will not allow you to scroll on the website chart.

  1. Click on ‘what we offer’, then select ‘ETF’s’.
  2. Try scrolling right to view the charts.
  3. Brave will not allow you to scroll in the box.

It would be great to fix this. Apples Safari requires turning on ‘request desktop website’ to view the chart on the Vanguard website.

Version 1.14.2 (

Seems to work just fine when testing on my iPad (iOS 13.3). Have you changed any of your Shields settings for the site?

I can not think what to change to be able to view the content in the chart. Something is stopping the page working properly. I have tried turning different things on and off in the shield yet with no luck.

Could somebody using an iPhone confirm if they can scroll right on the Vanguard investment page using Brave, to see the yearly performance of funds in the chart? I can not use the chart on the Brave browser :frowning:

Hi @101 - just tested on my iPhone 8 and am able to scroll right and can click on 'View Performance", and am then able to view the chart.

Thank you, would you have an idea on what I could try, to make the chart work on the website?

Hi @101 - sorry for the delay! Just saw this. Did you try loading the site with Shields down?

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