V1.22.1 - When?

Given the solution here:

When can we expect v1.22.1?

@Mattchess stated in that thread that the fix should be implemented as a hot fix to 1.22.

Since this will not be the case, any time line for 1.22.1? I have over 2, 5 Gigs “stored” in Brave now, and will have to uninstall soon.

Thanks for any info.


I had to delete Brave on my iOS yesterday because the hotfix is not coming, I reached 1.53G stored and i was out of space since two weeks. I deleted a lot of app and pictures before to take this decision …


in brave browser, go to
settings -> site settings -> data stored (or storage) -> clear all data
this is only cached data to load sites faster!

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No it isn’t.

The cause is stated in the referred thread in the Reddit link.

Your “solution” doesn’t work, and has never worked for those of us with this problem.

Try reading the the link.


1.22.1 in and fix works.

Many thanks.

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