(v1.18.70 Changes) Brave ads received reduce drastically to 5 ads per day

Thank you all!! looking forward to it!


everything is working fine now


Thanks for the brave team ! Started seeing ads again and not capped at 5 ads per day. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I noticed another thing.

There was a bug or glitch idk when users were receiving only 0.010 per ad refering to this post


It’s happening again! Let us know if someone else notice this…

@tmfk @tmancey @hihouhou @mocah @evilman123


Can confirm the issue

From 2 of my browsers , one is not getting any ad at all since last 6 hours .
The other one is always having 0.010 bat per ad

i hope it gets solved soon

@xd003 @elson Hi, where are you located as ads have different values. Some are worth more, some are worth less. But I can check this for you. Would you be willing to screen-share so we can make sure all is working as expected. If so please reach out to me at tmancey@brave.com. Thanks, Terry

i appreciate your quick reply in this thread here .I am from India . i would like to clear it that its been 2 months since using brave rewards . For me it has always been like 0.010 ads occuring very rarely .Majorly it has been higher value ads ( like say 95% of ads ) . But contrasting to every other day , today literally each and every ad is fetching 0.010 bat per day which is quite abnormal . Even all of my friends are facing the same issue currently . The last time this same issue has happened on December 9 where all of us were not getting ads normally with constant 0,010 bat per ads few and far between . it had got resolved on its own the next morning , i didnt see anyone reporting it here probably cus noone noticed this issue but today it happened again so i made sure to comment it here . i will send you an email for screen sharing to help troubleshoot this issue

Another thread confirming this issue - 0.010 BAT for 1 ad now WHY?┗|`O′|┛


In from India too.

The same issue occurred before and many users reported

That post > https://community.brave.com/t/how-much-you-are-getting-for-1-ad-i-am-getting-only-0-01-bat-for-1-ad

So I think maybe the ads system has some issues!?

@tmancey Could you check the brave ad system if there’s any issue in coding maybe?

Yes they fixed ad issue and increased the amount of ads we get but now we get 0.010 bats which is useless when you think about it. In previous versions you’d be able to get 1000-1500 bats a day but now you only get 0.400 at best because every ad gives you 0.010 bats.

From India. Ad amount increased but now I am getting 0.010 for each ad. Tbh 0.100 bat per ad was good to get 5 dollars from 1 browser in a month. And if you used 3 browsers in your family, it could add up to sweet 15$ which was really good for me atleast. But now with this change, we’d be getting only 1.5$ per month which sucks. I hope this is a bug.


Hello @tmancey ,
on Release Channel 1.18.75 -> * Fixed issue where the number of Brave Ads delivered per day was incorrectly being limited by the ads per hour selection. (#13215 )
so reisntalling it solved the issue ?

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@hihouhou I’m sorry, what do you mean by reinstalling it solved the issue? This change requires updating to the version of Brave which includes the fix.

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I didn’t see it was the new release… applied wait and see :slight_smile:

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I’m on the latest beta:
[Versão 1.19.62 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Compilação oficial) beta (64 bits)]
and I’m still having the issue of 5 ads a day… @sampson

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@FabiopxK This particular hot-fix may not have been included in the beta build yet. For issues like this, we’ll produce a hot-fix release of the browser. This means a bug fix could appear in the Release channel of Brave before it appears in Beta.


once it was said that it had been fixed I checked for updates on the beta build and it had one (this very last one), so I thought that was it… but yeah, I’m still getting a max of 5 daily ads no matter how long I’m browsing around, so it either wasn’t pushed on the beta build or it’s still not working for me.

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We very likely merged the fixed into the beta branch, but have yet to produce a new build for the beta channel. But rest assured, it will be fixed there too before long :slightly_smiling_face:



My system is windows 10.

My estimated bat balance is decreasing everyday, 2 days ago my estimated bat balance was 4.52, 1 day ago my estimated bat balance was 4.11 and today my estimated bat balance is only 3.74

So why estimated balance is decreasing???

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Please don’t use this thread for a different topic.

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