V1.11.101 & Older brave browser versions wallet creation fail / Works after updating?

Hello all,

So recenly I learned that ALL versions that are like 6+ months old freeze while creating wallet or say something like connection error. Usually just endless wallet creation, although I can just go to settings and press update and then its no problem and creates just fine. This was a clean install of windows and a clean install of brave, going even as far as doing this on several different laptops I have and all clean installs? Why is it that these alder versions are not able to create wallets anymore unless you update by force?

The reason I found this out is because it all started when one day a very strange UPDATE button appeared straight up on my brave browser toolbar, not in settings. It showed up next to my profile pick on my browser not in settings. I clicked on it as it seemed important to update this time, I did thinking I can just go back if I have problems as I had always done, not this time. Had issues I wont get into and have tried everything to go back to older versions and create wallets impossible. Has anyone had this issue with clean installs, on these semi older versions wallet creation? Any why was this latest like v1.22v ish update so important as to put the UPDATE on my browser taskbar?
I feel tricked into updating, knowing we had no way to go back. No wallet creation unless you update? Is this true?
Thanks brave community

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