V0.19.95dev for laptop has been released!


Brave Browser v0.19.95dev for laptop has been released.


Release note:

  • Added the ability to pay YouTube publishers with BAT. (#11851)
  • Added Terms of Service link for Brave Payments under the payments panel. (#11942)
  • Fixed broken FAQ link under preferences. (#11946)
  • Fixed several other 0.18.x to 0.19.x transition issues. (#11936)
  • Fixed tab indexing issue when closing tabs. (#11902)
  • Fixed closing tabs not always leaving preview mode when multiple tab pages are present. (#11632)
  • Upgraded Muon to 4.5.16. (#11971)
  • Upgraded to Chromium 62.0.3202.94. (#11971)

Full changelog:


closed #2

pinned globally #3


Unresolved (incomplete list):

See https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/labels/0.19.x for other unresolved (but recognized) bugs.

See More Hotfix releases for 0.19 are planned (Fixes for tab freezing issues etc. will not be available yet) as well.

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