V0.19.70dev for laptop was released


Brave Browser v0.19.70dev for laptop was released.


Release note:

  • Fixed ledger time is not displayed correctly. (#11675)
  • Fixed publishers lost if upgrading from 0.18 with wallet disabled. (#11614)
  • Fixed removing “update to preview release” in preparation for channel builds. (#11638)
  • Fixed extension page opens with each browser launch. (#11578)
  • Fixed publishers auto-included even with auto-include switch disabled. (#11553)
  • Fixed sometimes a site is not added to publisher list. (#11274)
  • Fixed ledger table doesn’t auto populate the publishers. (#11273)
  • Fixed MetaMask contentscript is injected on about pages when it should not be. (#11596)
  • Upgraded to muon 4.5.9. (#11498)
  • Upgraded to Chromium 62.0.3202.62. (#11139)

Full changelog:

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Beta,Dev edition?
Browser extension tab opening on each new launch
Browser extension tab opening on each new launch
Issues with Extention(Plugins)
Release notes on brave.com
MetaMask opens welcome tab every time the browser is opened
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There are several reports where your profile data is gone after upgrade. The issue was reported to the team.

Before doing upgrade, please make sure to create a back up.

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