V0.19.131dev for laptop has been released!

Brave Browser v0.19.131dev has been released.


Release notes:

  • Added new security option: Strict Site Isolation. (#12490)
  • Improved security by disabling password autofill during page loads. (#12489)
  • Added additional token amounts for Brave Payments. (#12234)
  • Changed default contribution for new installs to 10 BAT. (#12528)
  • Fixed issue with initial 2000 grants during last BAT promotion. (#12547)
  • Fixed muted media not being autoplayed. (#12152)
  • Fixed autoplay blocking user initialized media. (#12149)
  • Fixed music not being played on several popular services. (#11527)
  • Fixed notification bar buttons not responding in certain cases. (#9171)
  • Fixed autoplay notifications not being dismissed when user ignores notification and continues stream. (#9143)
  • Fixed sites being added into the autoplay permission list when default permission is set as “always allow”. (#9008)
  • Fixed autoplay notifications being displayed for local files. (#8929)
  • Upgraded muon to 4.5.36. (#12501)
  • Upgraded to Chromium 63.0.3239.132. (#12521)

Full changelog: