V0.19.105dev for laptop has been released!


Brave Browser v0.19.105dev for laptop has been released.


Release note:

  • USD conversion for wallet balance always shows 1.00. (#12054)
  • Time spent calculations off when minimum page time set to 1min. (#11997)
  • Contribution notification says “5 USD” instead of “100 BAT”. (#11989)
  • White flash after tab open or close. (#11813)
  • Prevent further tracking by blocking additional methods. (#10288)
  • Improve blocking technique to avoid hard errors on page that expect blocked functionality to be in place. (#10285)
  • About:newtab - avoid flash of unstyled content. (#5309)

Full changelog:


closed #2

pinned globally #3


Unresolved (incomplete list):

See https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/labels/bug for other unresolved (but recognized) bugs.

See More Hotfix releases for 0.19 are planned (Fixes for tab freezing issues etc. will not be available yet) as well.

Bookmarks cannot be imported
Amazon Music stopped Autoplay after upgrade
Tab freezing time to time