Using the new Brave Browser

There are a few things that Brave 0.25.2 provided that are no longer available in the new Brave Browser (0.55.18) such as:

  • session tabs
  • the ability to disable favicons (“Text only”)
  • tab previews on hover

I also want to point out that the “People” feature in the Brave Browser features (0.55.18) is not really explained in the Help Center.
Compared to the 0.25.2 Session Tab features, “People” seems to require entirely separate bookmarks and settings. There is also a possibility to sign in and to sync “People” but there is no explanation on how to enable this and what is actually being synched.
[This issue might be very obvious to people who use Google Chrome a lot, but I (and others) don’t, so some explanation would be helpful.]

Hi @vdb,
Thanks for the feedback.

As you may know, this new version is still in active development. And many features like session windows [1] and tab preview [2] is still being worked on. Same with the Help Center page. :slight_smile:

Sync is also being worked on. And currently, “People” is for adding new different profile if users want it.

cc @Mattches for additional answer regarding “People” and Help Center article.

Thanks for the feedback @vbd!
I’m actually going to loop in our Product Manager @rebron2000 for an official description.

Hi @vdb.

We are going to rework the people menu which also relates to “session tabs”. Not very many people understand sessions (nor containers, nor people). Sessions is a very technical concept for most people.

Advanced users do understand the concept of ‘profiles’ more, home profile, work profile, a profile for a specific site or set of sites e.g. second credentials for social network accounts. The concept of profiles is more familiar. So we’re moving in that direction. When we have profiles implemented, we’ll provide support documentation for that feature.

We’ll look at the implementations for disabling of favicons and also tab previews on hover. There are a few other things we want to make really great ahead of that though, like Shields, Tor and a few other things. But thanks for letting the product team know.

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Thanks everyone for the response. My situation is probably not very different from many other people: a mixture of work profiles and personal profiles (e.g. on Twitter or Google) that I use both throughout the day. The session tab had the advantage that I could (fairly*) easily add another session tab that allowed me to get a work twitter or a work Google Doc. Now I have to open an entirely separate window for that, which has an entirely separate batch of bookmarks. I hope that the Profiles takes that issue into account.

  • The session tab was “fairly” easy, in the sense that it was not immediate. A menu bar shortcut would have been much better.

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