Using since January, but 0 BAT

I’ve been using Brave for 6 months, opted into ads the entire time. Every time I use the browser and open a new tab, it shows me my current estimated earnings for this month. However, upon viewing my wallet, it’s at 0.00 BAT, 0.00 USD, and there’s no explanation. I am opted into ads/rewards. I cannot verify my wallet because it says I need 25 BAT to do so. Surely by now I have more than that but it’s nowhere to be found.

Brave v 1.24.85 on Mac OS Catalina.

I cannot verify my wallet because it says I need 25 BAT.

I have not successfully been able to receive rewards.

I am not using a VPN.

I am in a supported region.

I turned off auto-contribute.

Are you seeing ads in your notifications? When you open a new tab? If not, that’s why you’re not getting rewards. Read these articles for some possible causes:

Yes, I have been seeing ads since I started using the browser.

Try updating your browser. It appears you are using an older version.

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