Using Instagram from Brave browser

In Chrome from a desktop system, one can post to one’s Instagram account by going to the account page;
“shift-ctrl-I”; and then with cursor in address bar, “return”.
When I do the same thing in Brave, although I get the same Elements panel on the right hand side of Brave, I don’t get the plus symbol at the bottom of the main browser window, which would allow me to post on my Instagram page.

Hi, @threnode6, and welcome. Does it work if you turn Shields off for the Instagram site? In other words, when you’re on Instagram, click the orange lion head icon on the right side of the address bar and then toggle Shields off, then see if it works.

Can you also show me what the setup looks like for you in Chrome compared to in Brave? I’m not sure I’m familiar with the function you’re describing.


That was a brilliant concept and I will use it if I run into other sites that don’t work quite right in Brave. Unfortunately, turning off Shields did not produce the plus symbol at the bottom of the main browser window. That is what’s needed to fool Instagram into thinking that one is on an iPhone or Android device. Chrome built this capability into their more recent versions. So far, Brave has done a superb job of emulating chrome but did not get this one right. And Instagram is a very important part of the web.

Here is a .png snapshot taken from my Instagram account using Chrome on a desktop. Note the bottom of the screen: “use the app” with a + to click to upload a picture. That is missing when done from Brave.

That looks like you have Device Emulation turned on in Developer Tools. You can reach that in Brave using the hamburger menu (three horizontal stacked lines in upper right of window), More Tools --> Developer Tools, then when they pop up click the icon that looks like a smart phone on a tablet.

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I don’t see an icon that looks like a smart phone on a tablet anywhere in Developer Tools.

Should be where the triple circle is in this image. If not there, check the menu from the >> icon in the single circle (not sure it would be there, but worth a shot).

Yes, now it works: fantastic job by hnktong!

This makes Brave, not only as good as Chrome but far better because of privacy issues. I don’t understand how Brave achieves its comparable or better speed vs. Chrome when Google owns a zillion servers all over the glove to cache user info.

I also don’t understand why most people don’t switch from Chrome to Brave. I have not found a single site broken in Brave.


Glad it worked, and thank you for the kind words.

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