Using Gemini in UK for existing users?


I have used Gemini for a long time and my brave rewards used to be transferred fine, then Brave changed its policy and now it is available to US only. I have found on this form that past uk based users should be able to continue the use of Gemini but I cannot find a way how to do it. I simply cannot link to gemini.

@Boogie the use for existing users was only for those whose current browser had already been linked. It’s not referencing the idea of you just having Gemini. And if you reset your Rewards, uninstall Brave, switch to a new device, etc then that connection would be lost. Essentially, it’s any Rewards Payment ID that had already been linked to Gemini would remain connected until something happened to disconnect, such as the things I just mentioned.

If you were connected earlier on the same brave rewards profile then you should be able to connect after going to brave://flags → Enable Always show brave rewards custodial connection options → Restart Brave.
Doing the steps above should solve the grey button issue and most likely you should be able to connect to Gemini if it indeed is the same brave rewards profile.

Just in case you get the region unsupported issue then this rewards profile is a new one and therefore cannot connect to Gemini. Then maybe just create an Uphold Account and link it to Uphold if you wanna earn BAT.

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