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How do I send the BAT (Basic Attention Token) from my Brave wallet account to another wallet entirely


Hi. You cannot transfer BAT from your Brave wallet to another wallet, at least not yet.


It’s coherently only unidirectional as described here -


When will I be able to transfer BAT from my Brave wallet… any idea?


As soon as the devs allow users to gain full control over their wallets. Pls refer to the link @Numpty posted


Hi @ananya_kaul just out of curiosity why would you want to be able to do what you propose?

I ask this not judgmentally but simply to ascertain why any would want to store above the maximum monthly budget of a 100 BATs (just under $40) within Brave. I honestly can find a couple of reasons but those reasons don’t merit a similar proposal.

Personally, I think their monthly budget is adequate. No offence to the Brave team but if some individuals in the future liked the idea of permanently storing/using the browser as a proper crypto-currency wallet and a leak, hack or update of some kind made data unrecoverable, I think it can be construed as quite damaging to Brave as a whole if it were to be recognized as a proper crypto-currency wallet like Exodus, Jaxx or Ledger.

@ananya_kaul firstly, don’t you think this will lead people to ask Brave to store fiat funds effectively then functioning like a bank and secondly, I suppose you’ve got a desktop app like one of the above wallets I mentioned so what’s wrong with what you’re doing now?

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