Using Brave on iOS w/ Telegram Installed Bug




So I’m experiencing this strange issue ever since I added the “Telegram” App using Brave. The issue is simple, each time I go to use Brave and go to a website address, the address bar loads up and when you think the site is finished loading, it switches over and opens Telegram and enters a chat. This occurs despite having the app in the background or not at all. It happens everytime and whilst I have Telegram installed, I can’t use Brave. I’ve turned off most everything I can in the Telegram settings, but this issue still occurs.

App Store Link

Please let me know if you can assist, the only workaround ATM is to uninstall Telegram :frowning:


CC @serg for a comment.


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Is this still an issue @Schneeballen?


I no longer have this issue Sriram!! Thank you, that was a very annoying bug. Cheers.

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