Using Brave for over 1 month and still no ads


I have been using the Brave Browser for over 1 month and I still have not been shown any ads - earnings are 0 and “ads received this month” is also 0.

Thank you for your help!

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Hi, I’ve been using Brave Browser for a long time and the ads weren’t enough for me to see even after making all the necessary settings.
I set up the browser and open several tabs and even then the ads don’t reach you, the problem may be fixed with an update.
I hope I was able to help you.
Have a lovely day!

I am using Brave Nightly, Stable, Dev, and Beta and no ads are coming up since 12-20-21.
On Brave Nightly, the Brave Rewards page says my Brave Rewards are disabled which they are not or should not be. Any fixes for this? Thanks

Hi ZeneveDiaz and welcome

You mention using the browser but have you checked the Brave Rewards Ads are switched on and that you have chosen the maximum number of adverts you want to see in an hour? Also make sure you have auto-contribute switched off (unless that’s what you are aiming to do).

If everything is set up and you still don’t see anything it is worth checking your region is supported by adverts and the number of campaigns running there. Also remember the ads are connected to your use of the browser.

hope this helps

Hi Wit5,

Yes Ads are switched on to the maximum and auto-contribute is off. Also my region is supported.

Thank you

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Hi ZeneveDiaz
I see @Prinson has put a link to Brave Help Center which gives a load of info about how the Brave rewards actually work and tests also including [], which is certainly worth you trying out.

good luck

Hi ZeneveDiaz,
I am also new and faced same issue. Did you try to open new pages just to see your advertisements appear and it can be refreshed at brave rewards/advertisement section? After it appears, you will start getting advertisements . This is what I faced and my advertisement number for last month just 3. Now It is up to 200 ads and receiving ads now. Actually I believe, it is upto your phone or OS. Xiaomi has problems to receive these ads automatically need some patches. Or lower version Windows OS, you dont get notifications.

Thank you, I have previously looked here and still no luck. also did the push notification test and that is getting through.

Hi Osqar, I am not sure what you mean by “open new pages” and how it can be refreshed. I am using an updated mac computer.

Hi Zeneve,
I meant browser tabs. But you can not try it today. Brave does not send any notification or ads for today. Somehow it stopped. Some days it gives in the morning and evenings.

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Hi again
My only other thought is whether your OS (you mention Mac somewhere) has a form of blocker going on as I have heard that Windows can do this, although I would have thought the push notification test would have ruled that out. Just a thought though. I’ve found @steeven to be very helpful with peoples issues so am mentioning his name here as it might cause him to pick up on this thread.

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