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I am new to Brave. I can’t figure out how to bookmark a web site yet. With Firefox there was a icon at the top to do that. How does Brave do it? Also, when I access my bookmarks and scroll down to the bookmark I want and access the site, fine. But then when I access my bookmarks again I have to start at the very top of all my bookmarks, I have MANY! So, it would be good when I access my bookmarks I start where I left off with my bookmarks and not from the very beginning at the top. How can I change how I access all my bookmarks? Can I in fact access a new bookmark from where I left off from the last one? Can anyone help?

All depends on the device you’re using. A very crappy explanation is below:

WINDOWS (and I think all Desktop):

Bookmark button is right next to URL/Address bar.

You may have to go to brave://settings/appearance to make sure you have Show Bookmark Button toggled on.

This works similar to Desktop but might change location slightly depending on your settings. But you’ll see that same icon…

New Tab - Brave 7_14_2022 11_48_03 PM (2)


iPhone is different. It doesn’t get that Bookmark icon. Instead you have to hit the “hamburger menu” (three dots) and then select the option that says Add Bookmark. I don’t know why they took away the Bookmark shortcut from iPhone, but it is what it is. That said…iPhone does have a Bookmarks shortcut that will appear on the top left if you turn it on, which will let you quickly open your Bookmark Manager to go to or edit your bookmarks…just not to add to it.

You can sort them how you want and you can create Folders to try to help limit space. But they won’t change all over the place. It’s order they are created and then the order you sort them. To do this, go to brave://bookmarks/ on any device except for iPhone. Otherwise just go to Settings and then Bookmarks (Bookmark Manager) and you can edit.

Thank you for your reply. I do see the bookmark icon. But, when I click on the icon to bookmark the page, I can’t then find the bookmark I just enabled? I’m looking on all the firefox bookmarks I have and I don’t see the new bookmark I just created on the list. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place? Any suggestions? Thank you

Do me a favor, tell me what operating system you’re using.

I guess I’m getting ahead of myself here. I just figured out how to see the new bookmark I created. I just assigned it to a bookmark location I should have in the first place. So, that is solved. If I understand your comment about bookmark order from the bookmark listings I have from Firefox, that order or sequence I had while I can change it around, when I access it it will always start at the top of all my Firefox bookmarks when ever I access my Firefox bookmarks. Is that correct, Saoiray? Thank you.

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Windows 7, Saoiray. Yes it’s old but it works just fine.

Ok, yeah, looks like you figured it out. You can drag and drop across your bookmark bar if you have it enabled. Otherwise can create a bunch of folders or different places within bookmarks. Whatever order you place Bookmarks is the way they appear. I do believe by default it will put new bookmarks on the bottom of the list.

Also, when you keep talking about your Firefox bookmarks, I’m not registering that. If you’re saying it’s a folder named “Firefox” or whatever from you importing over, then that’s going to be a separate folder I do believe. You’d have to drag those out of it and place it in Bookmark folder or something of the sort to have them appear on your Bookmarks. Sorry, I’m very bad at explaining, especially when I’m not picturing exactly what a person is saying.

In any case, I think you’re saying you’ve got it figure out. It’s nothing difficult.

Btw, since you’re new to Brave, it might help to check out my little FAQ I wrote a while ago. It tackles some of the more common issues people have posted about here on Brave Community, as well as come common knowledge/info.

Saoirey, thank you for your reply. Yes, I sort of have it figures out. The reason for the Firefox comment is because that is where I transplanted my bookmarks from. And, I have hundreds. That’s why I have them in a sequence for my to understand. But, it is a pain when I visit bookmarks and I have to start from the very top of the list everytime I access my bookmarks. With Firefox when I accessed my bookmarks it would leave off where I last clicked on a given bookmark, which made it easier for me to navigate my bookmarks. But, it seems with Brave, everytime I visit my bookmarks it will start from the very top of the bookmark page. Yes, you’re right, new bookmarks are at the bottom of the bookmark page. Thank you again for your help, Saoiray.

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