Using block scripts disables ad and tracker blocking


Hey all. I’m not sure how exactly this works. But as an example, if I go to the website CNet and have 'block scripts" off, the counter shows 17 ads and trackers blocked. However if I turn it on, the counter goes to 0. This confuses me. Why would the blocker stop working?


I am not 100% sure, but I would guess that the scripts that are running in the background are what create the ads on the web page. So when you have script blocking off the ad blocker is blocking the ads. If the script blocking is on then the ads aren’t allowed to run in the first place so the ad blocker has nothing to block.


Script blocking is the first layer of protection. Enabling it would make sure that injected advertisement & tracking strings wouldn’t load up, resulting into a smooth & clear UI on a particular website, for instance, CNET :slight_smile:

Disabling script blocking module should not have an effect I guess. However, if you disable it, the advertisement blocking mechanism would purely depends on adblocker module, which isn’t a good idea if you wish to have a seamlessly smooth experience of surfing without annoying advertisement.

Hope this helps :smile:


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