Using BAT to buy newspaper articles

I have been using the Brave browser for a few weeks and absolutely love it. I also weirdly love to see my BAT balance increase every day. I think a really awesome feature that could be implemented to use my earned BAT, or just use BAT in general, is the ability to buy individual newspaper articles. Generally, they let you view 2-4 articles for free each month, but after that there is a paywall unless you want to buy a subscription. I read news from various sources, so a subscription to all of them could get costly. I only have NYT at this point. If we could use BAT and purchase an article here or there, that would be a win for the user, the newspapers, and for Brave!

I agree. I think this is a long term goal and would be more something that the owners of these articles would have to accept BAT as a form of payment rather than something Brave does (unless they make some kind of integration to make it easier).

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I can’t say if I’d use my BAT in this manner; however, I think it’s a great idea. Growth is good.
As @MasterG says, the decision lies more with the newspapers’, but Brave has a Marketing Dept. that could initiate proposals, rub elbows and whatnot.

NOTE: I just noticed there’s a Vote box in the top left,
so make sure you vote if you also like this idea :slight_smile: