Using another wallet for NYS users with BAT

I don’t want to beat a dead horse about Uphold and BAT and the strain this has put on content creators in NYS waiting for Uphold to get a Bit License, knowing all too well how this state works and you need to grease so many palms to get a license to do anything…

We have content creators in NYS who cannot withdraw BAT which they may substantially need the value of right now during a pandemic. There’s also users (I was just one for a long time before also becoming a content creator) who invest in BAT and want to be able to supplement rewards income to pay for subscriptions and tips from their own pocket.

There is nothing intrinsic to the BAT smart contract that prevents me from holding my tokens on a hardware wallet, and every time I want to tip I can pull it out and verify; or connect once a month to update reward/payout balance; it is that the UI does not allow Crypto Wallets to give users this option or allow MetaMask to function as a third party.

The direction of everything is moving towards a user having one storage device for their crypto, whether it be a Ledger or any other hardware wallet. Having the Brave address system segregated from what is effectively the new standard that DeFi in particular is shaping.

Why is it that I cannot control my “in-Brave” BAT along with the rest of my BAT? The smart contract already defines what BAT is and the functions it is allowed, I don’t understand the rationale of not allowing it to be controlled as the user see fit?

The UI can still impose limits for people who, maybe, aren’t content creators on withdraws/week or whatnot but aside from a proprietary agreement with Uphold or contractual obligations, allowing all users full control over their BAT regardless of geolocation is essentially a UX decision.

I don’t want to have to manage multiple crypto accounts for every service, and I don’t want to simply sell BAT speculatively either. I can upload my Brave wallet to MetaMask, integrate any other wallet, but the UI does not allow for any type of rewards interaction outside of the wallet tied to the user’s rewards.

I simply want the ability to do the amazing things BAT allows from the same device I manage all my blockchain accounts on; because NY is going to drag it’s feet on Uphold forever, they already have their handful of crypto on-ramps and NY is not known for promoting healthy and open competition in any space; I wouldn’t be surprised if Uphold just never happened to make it to someone’s desk.

if you are publisher i think genimi is another option instead of uphold

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