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Just posting topics of interest. At some point I am going to try to organize this information. Have some ideas but it is going to be time consuming and I am a little busy in real life at the moment. Will just have to wait. I am taking the “something is better than nothing” approach. You may disagree. :joy:

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This and That: Tabs

New Private Tab when Right-Clicking Not Working - #2 by Mattches

you can easily create a new private window with the desired link you opened by simply tearing the tab off the window. All of this is shown in the short clip below:

Switch to New Tab When Opening Link - #15 by Mattches

Just so there is no confusion, you can ctrl + click (cmd + click for mac users) on a link to open it in a new tab. Additionally, you can use ctrl + shift + click on a link to open it in a new tab and switch to that tab:

How to configure Brave UI, tabs - #2 by Mattches

Dragging a tab will always detach it from the window — note that if you move it back up into the tab ribbon it will re-attach in the place that it’s dropped. If you want to drag it onto the bookmarks toolbar, instead of dragging the tab itself, try dragging the URL into the toolbar, as shown below:

How to configure Brave UI, tabs - #5 by CerealLover

  1. Dragging tabs to bookmarks bar: just drag the icon on the left of URL bar (without highlighting address) to bookmarks bar or folder.

  1. To prevent tabs from shrinking, open brave://flags/, search for tabs, in Tab Scrolling choose tabs shrink to large witdth; Relaunch.
    An arrow will appear to scroll between tabs.

How to configure Brave UI, tabs - #3 by VAPG1974

Go to brave://flags/
On “Search” field type “scrollabe tabstrip.”
Or go directly to brave://flags/#scrollable-tabstrip
Select the option “tabs don’t shrink” or whatever suits you.
Relaunch Brave.


This and That: Sync

Contains information for macOS, Linux, and Windows users

Recovery key not accepted on fresh install - had to start from scratch! - #12 by Alexey

Sync code now consists of two parts:

  1. seed, 24 of first words, which is never changed.
  2. 25th word with represents the number of days between Words v2 Epoch of Tue, 10 May 2022 and today’s date.
    And sync internally used only the 1st part, which is seed, and which never changes.

Solved! Devices would not sync and could not leave sync chain - by @eddintergral

I resolved the problem in brave://sync-internals/ by selecting “Disable sync(clear data)” on both devices. I then started a new sync chain.

Brave “I have a sync code” button is missing - #2 by Mattches

How to sync when formatting a single computer? - #2 by Mattches


This and That: Block Elements

Documentation from Brave Help Center and a Community Support Topic:
Both are outdated but both do provide useful information and visuals:

How do I block additional page elements?

How to use Brave’s “Cosmetic Filter” to block undesired page elements

Related Brave GitHub/Brave-Browser Issue Report:

Brave GitHub Brave-Browser Search of label:features/shields/cosmetic-filtering:

Related/Additional Information:

DevTools Documentation
Main site for devtools documentation

DevTools Elements
Elements section of devtools documentation

Community Topics:

Custom Filters: How To/Instructions
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Blocker menu covering element - #9 by Chocoholic

Note: If anyone feels inclined, please post a mini-tutorial on blocking elements behind the element picker (or in frames) using devtools. Nothing fancy, just something very simplistic (with screenshots :wink:) would work. I’ll add one of my own, but I really don’t know what I am doing or if element blocking should or shouldn’t be done this way. Any input, additional links, whatever, would be appreciated!

Making this reply a wiki post. Just add anything relevant to this post or create your own. Thank-you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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