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Content removed from the User Solutions: Brave Release topic(s) due to character limits. A link to this topic will be in the latest release version.

Selected Topics: Brave Help Center FAQs

Selected Topics: Brave Help Center “How do I…”
There are over 50 “How do I…” documents in Brave Help Center. The link below is a search page using the “How do I” keywords. Specific documents from the search are linked in “How do I…” below.

“How do I…” Search Results (Brave Help Center)

“How do I…”

Selected Topics: Topics from Community Help Center and Resources Category

Category: Community Resources

Category: Help Center

Category: Release Notes

Public Service Announcement: User FAQ

PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

PSA: Unsupported Region

Additional Information

A topic by a community member (@Saoiray) pinned in the Rewards Support category. Consolidates much of the information from various other information sources in one place. Pulls information from sites like the Help Center, Brave GitHub, Reddit (BATProject & Brave_Browser), and pinned topics in Community Categories, and even Search results.

Search is a great tool to locate previous topics (and solutions) related to a particular issue. Use it before you post! This community is more of a DYOR (do your own research) community than anything. You can post a one-liner topic or just “Help me!” but you are unlikely to get a response either from a community member or support staff. Ditto for “me too” replies in posted topics.

In conclusion, the PSA: FAQ topic can help you troubleshoot issues you may have before posting a topic. Several of the solutions in this post are already addressed in the PSA: FAQ topic too. Highly recommend you browse that topic just as a general information resource and definitely look it over before you post to see if it addresses your specific issue.

Additional PSA Topics

All topics created by @Saoiray

Psa: updates from brave call

PSA: Self-Tipping
Must read if you are thinking about self-tipping (Don’t do it!).

PSA: Want to know more about Brave? BAT Brigade!

PSA: Friendly Reminder For People Having Issues with Rewards/Ads
Incorporated into PSA: User FAQ but is still informative.

Old PSA, what to do if no payment yet
Incorporated into PSA: User FAQ but still useful.

Misc Questions Answered: “How to…”

Find your Installed Brave Release version
  1. If you are looking just for the installed Brave version, you can go to brave://settings/help.
  2. For more detailed information, enter brave://version in the address bar.
    Lots of useful information is displayed on this page including the current installed Brave version, your OS, your OS profile path, and lots of other useful information!
DM a moderator

Mattches and Steeven are the moderators who handle most of the rewards issues.

To send a direct message (DM) to a moderator:

  1. Click on their icon in this topic (or on the About page) then click the Message button
  2. You can go to your profile and create a new message in Messages.

For anything related to Ads/Rewards you should include the following information:

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals )
  • Your OS and Brave version (found in brave://version )
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards .
Delete a Topic or Post

You can delete a topic you created. Once deleted, it will close the topic. No one (except admins) can post a reply to a topic once it is closed.

How to delete your topic:

  1. Click image on the options at the bottom of your post.
  2. Click the trashcan image to delete your post.
Delete a Profile

Unable to install extensions - #10 by CerealLover

To delete the new profile, follow the steps below:

Discourse (Brave Community forums host)

Brave Community forums are hosted by Discourse. Discourse provides many topics that can help maneuver around Brave Community.

Brave Community UI Buttons - Tips posted by @289wk

Other Misc “How to…”

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New article added under the Brave Help Center “How do I…” " section. Thank-you Brave team for providing this information. Very much needed and very helpful. :slightly_smiling_face: