User Solutions: Brave Release 1.44.x

This post tries to consolidate solutions, workarounds and possible solutions across categories each major release. Minor updates and fixes released will be included. After each major release, I will just copy/paste anything that is still relevant from the older version post into the new one.

Anyone with a new solution or workaround, please post it in a reply to this topic! The help will be greatly appreciated by anyone experiencing the issue, I’m sure.

Anyone with an issue that needs a solution, please post in the appropriate category and not here.

PAYOUTS: Brave Ads Payout status

Supported regions for verifying Brave Rewards with a custodial wallet provider

FYI: Unreconciled Ads & Claim Button Payouts & Payout Issues
  1. Community members still experiencing payout issues after payouts are completed submit a request for support using this form: Submit a request
  2. Why everytime only half of my BAT are eligible for transfer - #8 by Mattches
  3. FYI: Rewards Payouts for “Claimed” Rewards:
    Getting less BAT since last two months - #5 by Aman_M

    Payout through claims are processed in multiple of 0.25 BAT, so your payout amount will be rounded-off.

    For eg. If your payout amount is 1.10 BAT you may get 1 BAT in claim and if your payout is 1.20 BAT, you may get 1.25 BAT in claim (multiple of 0.25). Hope it clarifies.

    If you verify with Uphold (Gemini also gets a claim button), you will get your exact reconciled payout by direct-deposit.

ISSUE: Unable to turn brave stats on/off
FIXED: Brave Release 1.44.108

  • Fixed broken toggle for “Show Brave Stats” under the “Customize Dashboard” settings modal on the New Tab Page. (#24985)
Obsolete Content: Workaround, Reference, Issue Report

Workaround: Unable to turn brave stats on/off - #5 by Mattches

Toggle in NTP --> Customize --> Brave Stats does not work when toggling off but will toggle them back on (if desired) if they’re turned off via the three dots icon [on the NTP page]

Reference Topic: Unable to turn brave stats on/off

Brave GitHub Issue Report:
NTP Stats Toggle is Broken

ISSUE: Whatsapp Not Working

  1. Disasble Honey extension if installed
  2. Disable Use hardware acceleration when available at brave://settings/system
  3. Close and relaunch Brave

Topic Reference: Whatsapp Web is not working

Brave GitHub Issue Report (Source): fails to authenticate and returns “Make sure you computer has an active internet connection”

ISSUE: Cannot Verify with Uphold: Infinite Spinner/Processing Error
Update: Miyayes commented Jun 28, 2022

Seems like this hasn’t been happening in more recent versions of Brave. May have resolved itself, but will keep issue open for awhile longer and keep monitoring for reports. Our Android engineers no longer reproducing it.

Hidden Content: Possible Workaround; GitHub Issue Report

Possible Workaround (from Related Brave GitHub issue report #21057):

Disabling ads and reenabling fixes it but may remove the custodian linkage.

I think you can just close the rewards page and reopen another one and enable it. I don’t think a browser restart is required.

Brave GitHub Issue Report(s):
User cannot verify Rewards wallet (Uphold): infinite spinner and “processing” error modal #21719

Related issue report:
Intermittently Invalid Android Rewards Wallet #21057

ISSUE: Process crash removing/adding large RSS feeds

Brave crashes after Brave News setup, any way to disable? - #3 CerealLover

Brave crashes after Brave News setup, any way to disable? - #8 Mattches

Brave GitHub Issue Report:
Process crash removing/adding large RSS feeds repeatedly

ISSUE: [ANDROID] Keep losing address bar
Source: Keep losing address bar

Workaround: Keep losing address bar - #41 by Mattches

Brave GitHub Issue Report:
[Android] Address bar disappears when New Tab is opened #22671

ISSUE: Graphical glitch when creating new tabs on android
FIXED: Brave version 1.44.x - Release #2 (Excluded from release notes)

Obsolete Content: Workaround, Reference, Issue Report

Source: Graphical glitch when creating new tabs on android

Enable Vulkan via brave://flags#enable-vulkan

Brave GitHub Issue Report:
issue rendering/displaying tabs which causes artifacts and other issues due to VulkanStudy:Disabled


kjozwiak commented Sep 19, 2022
Just a heads up that we’ll be enabling Vulkan on 50% of our release population starting tomorrow via brave/brave-variations#370. As per Z fold 4, graphical issues - #7 by kamil, we had it enabled on 10% to gauge if it caused any issues on older devices that might not support Vulkan.

Z fold 4, graphical issues - #7 by kamil

Questions Answered: Brave rewards account is flagged - #6 by Mattches

What does it mean when my Brave Rewards profile is “flagged”?

Questions Answered: What about those Ads!?
Brave Ads FAQ

FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

Why don’t I see any Brave Ads after enabling them?

Regional Catalog Viewer

Catalog Viewer Plus Explained

Understanding Brave Ads Catalog Viewer by @Saoiray

Unusual activity in active campaigns in my region - #2 by Saoiray

Unusual activity in active campaigns in my region - #3 by Saoiray

Low “ptr” IC Ads preventing other IC Ads from being served by @g00z

Older post, related, with other useful info from @Saoiray.
Not earning rewards for ads

BAT per Ad Explained

BAT rewards drop from 0.01 BAT/ad to 0.001 BAT/ad

How does the 70% revenue share work regarding exchange rate flactuations?

Brave Rewards not 70% of ad revenue

Request For Comments and Code (RFC&C) Event

THEMIS RFC&C: Update #2


Discussion Topics:
What determines the number of ads per hour
Can the devs increase the amount of BAT per ad, given the current prices

Selected Topics: Brave GitHub

Overview for Finding Projects & Issues on GitHub (removed content/char limit)

GitHub Changelogs (Release Notes)

Links to current Brave version changelogs for desktop and android.

Desktop Changelog: GitHub Changelog Desktop
Android Changelog: GitHub Changelog Android

@289wk Posted a topic with additional detail about other sources of information at GitHub including release notes for iOS devices. Please reference this topic for more details: Need the following information - #2 by 289wk

GitHub Scope and Reporting Issues

Information provided by @Mattches, Brave Community Admin (About)

What should users report on Github?
So for a long time, due to the lack of enough hands, Brave’s Github had been used for everything from bug reports, feature requests, general feedback, etc. However, we’ve since tried to narrow the scope of what goes on our Github. The main reason being simple “de-cluttering” of our repos.

So for Github, things like feature requests, general feedback, simple “how to” or “what does” questions should all be directed and/or posted on Community, not Github as we’d like to avoid providing direct support there (again, that is what Community is for). However for bugs that you can confirm are real bugs, we do encourage anyone willing to post them on Github to do so.

When I say “confirm”, I mean issues/bugs that can be consistently reproduced after common troubleshooting steps (disabling extensions, testing w/fresh profile, etc) have been exhausted.

How to post to Github?
Anyone with a Github account can post to our public repos. You’ll find that when opening a new issue, you’ll see a template similar to what you see on Community for you to fill out.

While we can sometimes let incomplete templates slide on Community, it is important to include as much information as possible — in particular the steps to reproduce, if known — since it will mostly be developers and higher ups reviewing these (support does this too but any dev should, ideally, be able to view the issue and have a clear idea of what is going on and some idea of how to test/reproduce the issue on their end).

In the Works: Selected GitHub Issues/Projects

Please note, if the project is planned for release (or already released) for a particular version when posting in the User Solutions topic , it will be indicated in the parenthesis at the end of the link. This will not be maintained. If you want to view the current status, you will have to go to Brave GitHub (click the link) to view current information.

Logged out of some services #24515

UI does not scale correctly on Surface devices when keyboard is detached (tablet mode) #22901

Sync security improvements: Delete account #22884

These two are related:
The UI should allow for advanced customization #774
Desktop browser doesn’t have basic UI scaling #22716

ANNOYANCE ISSUES: Issues that create extreme irritation in some (many) users. The issue may be related to a change in functionality or something that, although it may be working as intended, is not working as the user wanted or that is actually broke but does not interfere with Brave functionality in general. Grrrrr issues in other words.

Removed Content (Character Limit):

Notice This?
Various notices posted by Brave support.

Supported Country Changes:
Check the Help Center article first for recent updates. Notices posted on Brave Community may be outdated.

Supported regions for verifying Brave Rewards with a custodial wallet provider

Brave Community Notices

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini
Last update Sept 06, 2022

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold
Last update Sept 06, 2022

India: Verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold temporarily unavailable
Last update June 06, 2022

Changes to Brave Ads Regional Availability
Last update Jan 14, 2022

Wallet Connections are Temporarily Blocked in Turkey
Last update Apr 29, 2022

Notices of Program Changes:
Notice Creators Github Account Verification Currently Disabled
Last update May 20, 2022

Brave Complies With Apple iOS Guidelines, Will Continue to Innovate for Users and Creators They Support
Permanent. No changes expected unless Apple modifies iOS guidelines.

Brave Referral Program Changes
Permanent. No changes expected.

General/Misc Notices:
Device Linking Limits Brave Rewards has been Removed

Goggles (beta) is now available in Brave Search

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Understanding Discourse (Brave Community) Trust Levels

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User Solutions: Brave Release 1.37.x

After updating there was a bug where my custom background on new tab page was automatically removed.
I had to re-add the very same image in the settings menu.

It possibly had to do with them changing the settings menu where they added ‘Solid Colours’.

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Ditto here. Just now composing a feedback topic on the new update and including this. Such a pain. I have several profiles and it was changed on all of them. Ugh. Not a big deal to add just an annoyance factor/irritating.

Luckily I had saved the custom background on my device to re-add it, or I would be pretty pissed about the whole ordeal for losing by ‘beautiful’ background.

Oh dear. I didn’t think about that. I always save and keep the images. I would definitely be pissed if I had to go find the image again… if I could… yep, feel a rant coming on even though this didn’t happen! lol

Sometimes I like to pull up the image viewer and just scroll through the backgrounds I have downloaded. I wish I could turn on a background scroll feature for my custom images like Brave has for their default. That is what I hope Brave does at some point in time, allow for custom images to be scrolled through on new tabs. Probably a pipe dream and even to me, who knows nothing about programming, it seems like a non-trivial feature to implement.

Issue added:

ISSUE: Unable to turn brave stats on/off
FIXED: Brave Release 1.44.108

  • Fixed broken toggle for “Show Brave Stats” under the “Customize Dashboard” settings modal on the New Tab Page. (#24985)
"Obsolete Content: Unable to turn brave stats on/off

Workaround: Unable to turn brave stats on/off - #5 by Mattches

Toggle in NTP --> Customize --> Brave Stats does not work when toggling off but will toggle them back on (if desired) if they’re turned off via the three dots icon [on the NTP page]

Reference Topic: Unable to turn brave stats on/off

Brave GitHub Issue Report:
NTP Stats Toggle is Broken

Edit to add Additional Information:
Unable to turn brave stats on/off - #3 by SaltyBanana

This issue has been fixed in 1.45x.

Brave 1.45.x is scheduled for Release on Octover 25, 2022

The User Solution topics are not as useful as in the past. I haven’t been able to be as active as I was in the past maintaining the topic and creating a topic for new releases has fallen by the wayside. Also, there just doesn’t seem to be as many issues recently as in the past which is great! Shout-out to the dev team for their work in improving Brave stability!

Marking this topic as solved, but not hiding the details as I typically did in the past. Hopefully, these topics were a helpful resource to community members looking for workarounds and solutions to any issues they were experiencing.

Take care all. :slightly_smiling_face:

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