User Solutions: Brave Release 1.39.x

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Selected Brave GitHub Issue Reports Fixed in 1.38.x


This and that #1:

  1. Restore pages? Brave didn't shut down correctly - #2 by Go-go_duck

    If you haven’t repeated closed and opened Brave since it failed to automatically restore your session, it may be possible to recover your session manually:
    Navigate to the following folder %LOCALAPPDATA%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Sessions
    Delete the latest version of the files found there (the penultimate version should be larger and contain the lost session).
    Then simply relaunch Brave, and the lost session should be restored …hopefully.

  2. Allow Brave to serve ads on my website, update - #3 by fanboynz

    We won’t serve ads to 3rd-party sites, BAT/Rewards is what is used in this use case.

  3. The background image option does not appear in the dashboard how to solve - #28 by CesarGomez

    well i found the way to solved, but maybe will not apply for you.
    since im from Colombia i download and install brave but in Spanish , so what i did was uninstall brave, switch my pc (macbook) to english and try download and install again, after that the issue gets fixed for me

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This and That #2:

  1. I can "type" everywhere - #5 by Mattches

    Seems like you’ve enabled carat browsing. You can disable this by pressing F7 while the browser is open.

  2. Brave Tor not working - #3 by Go-go_duck

    You can actually view the Chicago Tribune with Brave’s Tor mode, I just did. The problem is that you cannot control the exit node through which your query is routed and from which it enters the clear web.
    If you want to view the Chicago Tribune or other region locked websites with Tor rather than with a VPN, then you’re going to have to keep mashing Ctrl + F5 until you are routed through an exit node that is in the correct region. And since the nodes through which your queries are routed change over time to secure your anonimity, you may have to do that repeatedly, if you’re viewing more than a single page.


Why is there no clear indicator that a Brave Rewards profile (user account) has been flagged . . . at one or both of:

  • brave://settings/rewards
  • brave://rewards-internals

At least, there does not seem to be such an indicator - from what I read among the issues at Brave Community.

Thanks in advance.

Good question and I haven’t a clue why Brave development designed the flagging system this way. Before the current system, users had no way of knowing if they were flagged or not, so anything implemented was a vast improvement. However, in the current system, checking flagged status for verified users is a hassle and unverified users are still left in the dark.

Verified accounts should not have to disconnect then reconnect to their custodial accounts just to see if their account is flagged. This just doesn’t make sense to me. The current design is just extra hoops an end-user has to jump through and is irritating overall. I totally agree there should be a more transparent way to check flagged status for both unverified and verified Rewards and a notice at the locations you suggested would be ideal imo.

Here’s a link to the only accessible Brave GitHub report (now closed) per implementation: Implement error modal when user cannot verify Rewards [855] #21226. It does not have any comments about development/implementation decisions. There is an internal report (#855) that probably does but it is not accessible publicly. So, there is no way to tell what the reasoning was for implementing the notification of flagged status in this manner. We could ask support/dev staff (maybe in Feedback category?) but we probably wouldn’t get a response. I have no clue and I am not even going to attempt a guess! lol

A while back, I did create a Feature Request about flagged account notifications. Maybe a new Feature Request should be created requesting an ease of use improvement? Couldn’t hurt.

There is also a Brave GitHub issue report open (notify that user is flagged #21523) but it really needs to be expanded or a more detailed one with specific information created. If I had to guess, I would say this user has an unverified Rewards wallet. The point though is, if there is enough activity to an open request by users, Brave might bump the issue. Right now there is only one user comment and no movement on the above issue report.

Sorry I couldn’t really answer your question. Hopefully I did provide some additional information that might help get the flagging status issue addressed by Brave staff who could provide more information and a more palatable end-user solution: Feature Request; Brave GitHub issue report; Feedback.


Thank you for taking the time to explain - well - the ‘Flagged Indicator’ status.

I put together a ‘How to’ (“In order to find an indicator . . .”) - step by step with illustrations:

But, I now wonder, if all that only works for ‘Verified accounts’? According to what you wrote, probably not.

CORRECT: ‘Verified accounts should not have to disconnect then reconnect to their custodial accounts just to see if their account is flagged.’

The purpose of an Indicator, can be illustrated by a Go (GREEN LAMP) / No-Go (RED LAMP) bulb to indicate status. That simple.

Within brave://rewards/ a button might be included (with a label: ‘Click in order to learn if your Brave Rewards profile (user account) is Flagged’), by which, the Brave Rewards user simply clicks on that button, and then a Brave Browser > New Private Window (or New Window - whichever is best) opens with a response from Brave, re ‘Flagged’ or ‘Not Flagged’ -and- WHY.

Using your first link, I visited:


followed by:

Learn more about Brave's process for flagging Rewards profiles. links to (not published yet).

Actually, that last linked webpage exists, but I am uncertain about what extra info is not yet published:

Again, no clue. I don’t try to interpret the logs. :wink: And I don’t turn on verbose logging because of the overhead. My system is ancient and I have enough problems already!! lol

Still, an end-user shouldn’t even have to do that. I agree with what you posted:

From your “How to” on how to tell if your account is flagged:

In the Logs, if you see:

‘You do not have enough unblinded tokens’

Maybe if you receive that continuously… on every ad… but I do not know what process triggers that message or if you can have a flagged account and NOT see that message and vice-versa. Do you?

Maybe it does “always display” for unverified and verified rewards flagged accounts. And maybe it displays for other reasons too. We just don’t know. I do not think enabling verbose logging and checking for that message is a reliable indicator unless 1) you have a huge data set for comparison and/or 2) more information about its function. An end-user definitely shouldn’t have to go through that process to check if their account was (maybe) flagged or not.

I don’t think Brave will ever say “WHY” an account was flagged. It is part of their anti-fraud mechanics and they will not give out any information that may help the bad actors circumvent their detection methods. Brave support has posted that in several different topics in the past. I think the most anyone would be able to do is test or troubleshoot using the information in some of the Help Center articles. Like the " Common Reasons for not seeing Ads" section of Why don’t I see any Brave Ads after enabling them?.

I think that meant the article existed (probably in a development version of Brave Help) but was not “published” or “released” for viewing in Brave Help Center. At least that is how I interpreted it.

IMO the best bet would be to get users to push a Feature Request and/or Brave GitHub issue report. The problem is going to be getting users involved. I mean, really, given the user base, very few users vote on things like polls and feature requests and I think fewer still would comment on a GitHub issue report. There would have to be a massive push by users for Brave to spend the resources to implement this. Especially since this is a “wish” and not a “broke” issue. Just my opinion. Maybe just seeing all the posts from users complaining about this issue will have them pop a “account flagged” notice in Rewards on the next update. We can dream! lol

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@289wk (and anyone else who wants to jump in! :grin:)

Referencing the following from a different topic:

Can you help me understand? As you know, I am not real tech savvy, so if you do respond, please use a “macOS for Dummies” approach. Keep it simple. :grin:

  • Why can’t you upgrade?
    • Does it have to do with 32 bit vs 64 bit hardware capabilities?
    • Does it have something to do with Intel vs M1 chips?
  • Are you only talking about upgrading to Monterey? Or are you also unable to upgrade to an older version of macOS that is still supported by Apple?
  • If it is a hardware issue, is it cost prohibitive (or even not possible) to upgrade the hardware?

I see a lot of topics mention this inability to upgrade but haven’t seen any that really explain why. I would like to understand why upgrading macOS Sierra 10.12.6 is a problem. I just don’t understand enough about mac systems to understand the problem even after reading a few articles.

Some articles I’ve run across for reference linked below. Most have an upgrade path from Sierra to Monterey or, if not Monterey, to an older OS version that is still supported. Hence all the questions about not being able to upgrade!

What version of macOS can my Mac run?

How to update macOS: Update to Monterey

How to upgrade to macOS Monterey

macOS Big Sur Compatibility: Will Your Device Work With It?

Every macOS and Mac OS X version–including the latest update

Apple security updates



  • Unable to transition from HFS+ (legacy Apple file system) to APFS (Apple file system introduced 2016/2017)

  • That transition re Mac OS, was v10.12.n ‘Sierra’ to v10.13.n ‘High Sierra’


  • Apple policies that do not support Privacy and Security (changes: Terms of Service and Privacy Policies)

  • Weakness of SSD (solid state ‘drive’) in contrast to HDD (hard disk drive)

  • Insufficient connection with Internet

  • Cost and Expenses

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Thank-you! I did read something about the above per problems. Will go look that up specifically. Thanks for the link to get me started. :smiley:

Hmmm, will go review that again too. Thought I saw transition paths for both to Monterey and/or older supported versions, but I must have been confused. ooops :person_shrugging:

And thank-you one last time for all the information. Appreciate the help. :smiley:


May interest:

@289wk Good “This and That” link. Thank-you for contributing! :smiley:

Hiya mate. I am on 1.39.122 and I am still having the page load issue. I just stop and refresh when it happens which seems to sort it out. Also damn you put a lot of work into this. Fair play

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User Solutions: Brave Release 1.39.x Retired/Removed Content (Char Limit/Obsolete)

Retired Content (Char Limit/Obsolete): Shields Breaking Text/Font Workaround

ISSUE: Shields breaking text/fonts on some websites
Fixed: Brave Release 1.39.120

Workaround: Disable Block fingerprinting at brave://settings/shields
Source: Brave Shields Affecting Fonts

**Update: holdit commented

Even if block fingerpriting is set to “strict”, fonts work fine if the “Prevent sites from fingerprinting me based on my language preferences” option is disabled.


Just a reminder. New version release (Brave version 1.40.x) scheduled for 06/21/2022. If you haven’t backed up your Brave-Browser or User Data folder(s) lately, now might be a good time!



06/21/2022 Brave Release version 1.40.105 released.

Brave GitHub 1.40.x Desktop Changelog: Changelog Desktop

A new User Solutions topic has been created: User Solutions: Brave Release 1.40.x

Please place any new comments, suggestions, workarounds, solutions, etc. you may find and want to add in that topic. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this topic!

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Looking forward to this update. I’ll wait for it to come throught the repositories. Thanks for the updates man/woman. Seriously, a hell of a lot of work you’ve done.