User Solutions: Brave Release 1.37.x

Retired (User Solutions: Brave Release 1.37.x Content)

This post tries to consolidate solutions, workarounds and possible solutions across categories each major release. Minor updates and fixes released will be included. After each major release, I will just copy/paste anything that is still relevant from the older version post into the new one.

Anyone with a solution or workaround, if it is not already listed below, please post it in a reply to this topic! The help will be greatly appreciated by anyone experiencing the issue, I’m sure.

Anyone with an issue that needs a solution, please post in the appropriate category and not here.

The topic is now a wiki post. Anyone with Trust Level 1 (TL1) can edit the topic. The Basic Badge is TL1. If you have this badge, you can edit this topic. Please, if you are not comfortable editing the topic, just post a reply with suggestions and/or solutions and someone will add it! You can find more information about Trust Levels here-

ISSUE: Receiving Less BAT than Earned (April 2022 Payout)

Brave Ads Payout status

Update: 04/25/2022

NOTICE: Users verified with Uphold who have not received payment

April 2022 Ads Payout Issues Update - #94 by Mattches

Update: 04/22/2022 Issue Identified (@steeven post)

UPDATE: Still an issue for some users (Gemini & Unverified Users mostly).

April Payout not Received! - #2 by Mattches

Update: reddit post recapping issues and update on current status
Thanks to @nawaab for posting link for the Brave Community!

Set Aside until Further Notice

For Uphold users who still have payout issues:
Error in claiming April 2022 Payout - And nothing after that - #7 by steeven

Please, after you DM support staff with the information requested, do not continually tag/DM them asking for an update. That just slows down the process. Wait at least a week before you tag them in a post (or DM them again) asking for an update.

Retired (Removed Content/Character Limit)

  • Reprocessing Update
  • Bug Notices & Payments Reprocessing with 1.37.114 release

ISSUE: Device Limit Reached

How many Brave Rewards wallets can be linked to my crypto custodian account?

This link is for Instructions and a link to the Request form to Unlink a Device:
How to Submit a Wallet Unlinking Request

Detailed Instructions with Screenshots below:
How to Remove Verified Devices (screenshots)

Additional Screenshots:
Form Screenshot (enlarged)
Rewards Internals Screenshot (enlarged)

Thanks to @Herrvader for the all screenshots!

Brave GitHub Issue Report:
Implement solution for linking limits

Update (Linking Limits):

Comment by Miyayes (Issue Author/Brave-Browser Collaborator)

Thanks to @IanMoone for image!

Update (Linking Limits):

Comment by Miyayes (Issue Author/Brave-Browser Collaborator)

Additional Information

Device limits will be removed in a future release. Anticipated release date is April/May but that is not confirmed. Until that time, use the “Wallet Unlinking Request” post to unlink one device. Your unlinking request is placed in a queue and Brave staff work on requests in the order received. It may take several days, weeks, or even months for your request to be fulfilled. You will receive an email notification when it is.

From previous posts, it appears the most frequent reason that a request is not fulfilled is because the form was filled out incorrectly. Just make sure you submit the form correctly the first time. If unsure about an entry, ask for clarification via a community post. Hopefully, someone will respond.

Below is a link to a recent post with a screenshot of an email from Brave support per incorrect information submitted. It looks like they do provide instructions on locating the correct information (although it is not displayed) so that’s helpful! Also, the email has an April release date for removing linking limits completely. I hope that one isn’t delayed.
Error: Device limit reached - only 3 devices - #13 by ImGodsPlan

ISSUE: [ANROID] Verified Uphold Account Disconnected/“Something Went Wrong”

Cannot Connect Brave Rewards with Uphold Account

I Found a Solution on Android Phone to Verify Rewards Wallet
Workaround with screenshots.

Recent Workaround: Different from those previously posted. Looks like maybe an Uphold fix? Will update if I find out anything else.
I can't get my wallet verified on my mobile - #8 by Herki

Other Reasons You May be Receiving this Error

If you have never received a payout to your Uphold account, these are some of the things you can check. Before you start, make sure you are updated to the latest Brave version and the OS of the device you are using is updated to the latest version.

  1. Clear history/cache, exit Brave, and reopen. This works for some users.
  2. Does your device pass the SafetyNet check. You will not be able to claim rewards if your device fails the SafetyNet check.
  3. Make sure your account is verified at Uphold. Go to your profile page and there should be a verified date at the bottom.

    Example: Screenshot of a Verified Profile at Uphold
    Can’t verify and authorize the wallet, can’t connect Brave to Uphold - #2 by Impoiler
  4. Make sure all your personal information in your Uphold account is accurate and complete. For example, Uphold will verify your account with an incomplete address, but Brave needs your full address, including street number, street, city, etc.
  5. Make sure you are in a Brave Supported Country. Supported countries are listed at the bottom of the Transparency page. Note: Only creator contributions are supported in the Philippines.
  6. Make sure you are not in an Uphold Non-Supported Jurisdiction.

Note About Supported Countries/Regions/Jurisdictions
From time to time supported countries and regions may change. If you are in a non-supported area, you will not be able to verify or reconnect to a custodial account provider. You may have earnings in Brave Rewards but you will not be able to transfer them to a custodial account.

ISSUE: 400 Error w/ Various Google Services
Preferred Workaround: Disable Enable First Party Ephemeral Storage in brave://flags
Brave shields are blocking Gmail - #6 by Mattches

A fix in the works. Once implemented, change flag back to default.
Sign in issues and 400 type error - #3 by Mattches
Brave shields are blocking Gmail - #9 by Mattches

Workaround: Google Services/Logins No longer work with Brave - #2 by Mattches

More involved workaround below. Try this if the above workaround doesn’t work.
Cannot Login/Error 400 posted by @289wk

ISSUE: Tab Titles Unreadable / Fixed: Release Channel 1.37.114

  • Fixed unreadable tab names when using certain accent colors on Windows. (#22027)

UPDATE: Tab Titles Unreadable: Still an issue for Windows 8.1 users
Titles of Tabs unreadable in new update - #30 by Utidiysyisitdixoxohd

Retired (Workaround for Tab Titles Unreadable)

Text in tab bar in Windows is sometimes unreadable depending on brave colors and windows accent color- Titles of Tabs Unreadable

A Brave GitHub issue report has been posted. Hopefully Brave is working on this issue and a fix will be out soon! Link-

ISSUE: Creators’ Payout
Posted 04/20/2022 and Pinned in Brave Rewards/Creators
NOTICE: For Creators who did not receive payment for this month

Creators Payment (April 2022) Payout Complete (Suspensions Excluded)
Creators Payout Issue (March 2022) Solved

Try This: Community Member Solutions and Workarounds

Please note, many of these are specific solutions to specific issues provided by community members and may not work for everyone. Many others are known fixes and will work for anyone having the issue. Please, just be cautious if you try these and proceed at your own risk especially if you are adjusting system settings and not just Brave Browser settings!

Before you begin, always make sure you are updated to the latest Brave version and always backup the Brave Browser data folder preferably on an external device. You should copy the entire folder. You can restore the backup folder in the same location later if needed. You should also have a current system backup/restore point, especially if you will be changing any system settings or system config settings.

Try This...

In many cases, these solutions or workarounds have been posted by several different people over time. I just picked up the one I ran across first and tried to use posts with screenshots. No disrespect intended to users who may have posted earlier. Also, if you have a post for this section (even if it is a duplicate) that provides additional information, please feel free to post it here or in a reply to this topic!

Not receiving Brave ads fix it fast - #2 by CerealLover

Drop Down Menus Don’t Work posted by @CerealLover

Microphone Not Detected (win11) posted by @CerealLover

Maximize button inactive. I can't click on it - #23 by bigwillis234

Brave Freezes [Debian] since 1.37.111 - #8 by JimB1

Performance Issues Hodgepodge (Testing, Workarounds, & Solutions):

Black Screen Flickering Fix w/ Hardware Acceleration Enabled posted by @robchio86

Sluggish Since Last Update with Some Sites Freezing Completely - #2 by CerealLover

Youtube and video players - #3 by CerealLover

Brave Browser Wifi Connectivity Issue (Wifi works on alternative browser) - #3 by fanboynz

Youtube page crashes after one minute of watching: error: out of memory - #2 by fanboynz

Brave is very slow. Hardware Acceleration already turned off - #2 by fanboynz

Questions Answered: “How to…”

Find your Installed Brave Release version
  1. If you are looking just for the installed Brave version, you can go to brave://settings/help.
  2. For more detailed information, enter brave://version in the address bar.
    Lots of useful information is displayed on this page including the current installed Brave version, your OS, your OS profile path, and lots of other useful information!
Create a Topic in a Category or Subcategory

Every detail you can provide about your issue helps Brave Support. The more detail you provide the less time support staff have to spend requesting additional information which in turn gives them more time to consider your issue and situation!

Brave Support prefers you use their Report Templates (see below). You are more likely to receive help from both community members and support staff if you submit a detailed support request using one of the templates.

Support Templates Reference
Support Templates Reference - #3 by Mattches

  • Bug Reporting Template - Desktop
  • Bug Reporting Template - Mobile (Android / iOS)
  • Bug Reporting Template - Web Compatibility (web pages and sites experience)
  • Brave Rewards/Ads Template (for Ads / BAT / Creators / Payments / Rewards / Wallets)
Create Topic Instructions
  1. At main page, select (click) the category or subcategory related to your support request. Categories with their related subcategories are displayed on the left hand side of the page. If you hover over a category (or subcategory), a short description of the category will display.
  2. Read the “About Category” topic if one is pinned. Not all Categories/Subcategories have a pinned “About” topic but if it does, you should read it. Also, do a Search of the category to see if you can find topics with solutions related to your issue.
  3. Click the +New Topic button displayed in the top right of the page in the category your selected to start creating your topic (post).
  4. The editor opens once + New Topic is clicked.

    Depending on the category selected, there may be instructions and a template displayed in the right side pane which will be automatically copied over to the left side pane. If there is, follow the instructions first.
Example of editor without instructions/template

Editor display without instructions/template:

Example of editor with instructions/template

Editor display with instructions/template:

  1. Create your post in the left side pane. Once you start typing, a preview of your text will display in the right side pane.
  • Enter the topic title
  • Select optional tags. Note: In some categories you must select the OS tag(s) related to your issue or your topic will not be created.
  • If a template is not provided, describe the purpose of your post in as much detail as possible. Don’t assume anything!
  • If a template is provided, provide the requested information.
  • Additional Information (very helpful to supply if applicable)
    > What extensions have you added to Brave Browser? Their status (Enabled / Disabled)?
    > What Progressive Web Applications (“PWA”) are you using? Their status?
    > Do you usually open a “New Window” or a “New Private Window” when you browse and visit websites?
    > Are you using a VPN? (Is already a question in some templates, but not all)
    > What custodial account are you verified with (Gemini or Uphold)?
  1. Once completed entering the information about your issue, just click the + Create Topic button to create your post!
Related Help Center Topic(s)

How do I submit a bug report?

Original Source

How to create a Bug Report posted by @289wk

Note: @289wk provided instructions per creating a topic from the main page of You can do this, especially if you are an experienced user and any instructions/templates related to the category will still be available.

The instructions I provided has the user enter the category to create a topic. I think it is more beneficial for new users to actually enter the category/subcategory so they will have access to pinned topics and issue specific topics if they decide to do a search of topics. New users can do this from the main page, but I think it is more confusing to a new user to do. Please provide feedback. We can always do an edit! :grin:

Customize New Tab Page Images

By default there are some images (currently 15) other than NTP Ads that display in rotation on opening a NTP. Instead of rotating through background images, you can upload your own image to use as the default background on a NTP. Examples and instructions are available at this Brave GitHub issue report:

Solid colours and Gradients for the NTP are still in the works. You can track the status of the issue here:

DM a moderator

Mattches and Steeven are the moderators who handle most of the rewards issues.

To send a direct message (DM) to a moderator:

  1. Click on their icon in this topic (or on the About page) then select the Message button in the top right corner or
  2. You can go to your profile and create a new message in Messages.

And for anything related to Ads/Rewards you should include following information-

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals )
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version )
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards .
More How To...
Change Settings to Open Browser to a Blank Page

Change Settings to Open Browser to a Blank Page

Delete a Topic

You can delete a topic you created. Once deleted, it will close the topic. No one (except admins) can post a reply to a topic once it is closed.

How to delete your topic:

  1. Click image on the options at the bottom of your post.
  2. Click the trashcan image to delete your post.
Sync Devices

Sync (link to Help Center articles on Sync)

Discourse (Brave Community forums host)

Brave Community forums are hosted by Discourse. Discourse provides many topics that can help maneuver around Brave Community.

Brave (Discourse) New User Tips and Tricks
Brave (Discourse) New User Guide

Original Source

Brave Community UI Buttons - Tips posted by @289wk

Questions Answered: Brave rewards account is flagged - #6 by Mattches

Selected Topics: Brave Help Center “How do I…”
There are over 50 “How do I…” documents in Brave Help Center. The link below is a search page using the “How do I” keywords. Specific documents from the search are linked in “How do I…” below.

“How do I…” Search Results (Brave Help Center)

"How do I..."

Use Shields while Browsing

Change my Privacy Settings

Block Additional Page Elements

Change Site Permissions

Manage Cookies

Clear Cookies and Site Data

Reset Brave Settings to Default

Delete my Data in Brave

Customize Top Sites on the New Tab Page

Tip Websites and Content Creators in Brave Rewards

Selected Topics: Brave Help Center FAQs


Brave Ads FAQ

Brave Rewards FAQ

Brave Search FAQ

Android FAQ

Sync FAQ

Brave Wallet FAQ

Brave Creator FAQ

Public Service Announcement: User FAQ

PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

Additional Information

A topic by a community member (@Saoiray) pinned in the Rewards Support category. Consolidates much of the information from various other information sources in one place. Pulls information from sites like the Help Center, Brave GitHub, Reddit (BATProject & Brave_Browser), and pinned topics in Community Categories, and even Search results.

Search is a great tool to locate previous topics (and solutions) related to a particular issue. Use it before you post! This community is more of a DYOR (do your own research) community than anything. You can post a one-liner topic or just “Help me!” but you are unlikely to get a response either from a community member or support staff. Ditto for “me too” replies in posted topics.

In conclusion, the PSA: FAQ topic can help you troubleshoot issues you may have before posting a topic. Several of the solutions in this post are already addressed in the PSA: FAQ topic too. Highly recommend you browse that topic just as a general information resource and definitely look it over before you post to see if it addresses your specific issue.

Additional PSA Topics

All topics created by @Saoiray

PSA: Self-Tipping
Must read if you are thinking about self-tipping (Don’t do it!).

PSA: Want to know more about Brave? BAT Brigade!

PSA: Friendly Reminder For People Having Issues with Rewards/Ads
Incorporated into PSA: User FAQ but is still informative.

Old PSA, what to do if no payment yet
Incorporated into PSA: User FAQ but still useful.

Selected Topics: Topics from Community Help Center and Resources Category

Category: Community Resources
Topics: Support Templates, Create Profile, and Screenshot/Recording Tools.


Support Templates Reference

Create a new profile to help Troubleshoot

Useful Screenshot and Screen Recording tools to capture on-screen behavior

Category: Release Notes
About: Changelog for Updates to Brave Browser

1.37.x Releases

Version Release: Release Channel 1.37.116

Version Release: Release Channel 1.37.114

Version Release: Release Channel 1.37.113

Version Release: Release Channel 1.37.111

Version Release: Release Channel 1.37.109

Category: Help Center
About: Relevant support links to common questions answered in Brave’s Help Center. (Many of the support links in this category are reposted in this topic, User Solutions, at various places! You should go check them out at the Community Help Center. Posts are much cleaner looking and easier to find. lol)

Selected Topics: Brave GitHub
User Solutions: Brave Release 1.37.x - #12 by Chocoholic

GitHub Changelogs (Release Notes)

Links to current Brave version changelogs for desktop and android.

Desktop Changelog: GitHub Changelog Desktop
Android Changelog: GitHub Changelog Android

@289wk Posted a topic with additional detail about other sources of information at GitHub including release notes for iOS devices. Please reference this topic for more details: Need the following information - #2 by 289wk

In the Works: Selected GitHub Issues/Projects

Please note, if the project is planned for release (or already released) for a particular version when posting in the User Solutions topic , it will be indicated in the parenthesis at the end of the link. This will not be maintained. If you want to view the current status, you will have to go to Brave GitHub (click the link) to view current information.

Update “pending” text inside Rewards panel (“Please complete identity verification in order to start receiving Rewards”) (Nightly 1.39.x)

Rewards page blank with devtools errors / Fixed: Release Channel 1.37.114

  • Fixed brave://rewards loading blank due to local storage issues in certain cases. (#22113 )

Browser crash when selecting ‘Send to your devices’ / Fixed: Changelog Android 1.37.116

  • Fixed crash when attempting to send opened tab to another devices on sync chain using “Send to your devices”. (#22128)

POLL: Is this topic helpful?
Still working on this and have lots more to add but before I spend any more time, I just want some feedback. I will stop now if no one thinks this will be useful.

[poll name=poll2 type=multiple results=always min=1 max=2 chartType=bar]
  • Yes
  • No
  • Could be…
  • Stop already!
[/ [poll ]

@Chocoholic ,

My vote, would be to concentrate on documentation re help and guidance, within:

  • Brave Help Center
  • Brave Community

everywhere that the documentation is out-of-date and thus not helpful nor guiding true.

That editing would include, getting all of the bug/issue/problem/trouble Reference / Report Templates per

  • Categories
  • Sub-Categories
  • Tags

combinations, example:

Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 4.20.36 AM

in sync, between what Brave Support (mostly that has been the work by Mattches) and Brave Help Center, have. The Templates do not match or are insufficient.

Re Guidance, that must include instructions on how the Discourse software - the Editor windows - work.

There are MANY new reports that do not satisfy the Templates, and reduce the chances of getting a response from Brave Support, because newcomers DO NOT know how. I addressed some of that problem:

How to create a Bug Report

Brave Browser Release Notes and Latest Release information is scattered widely. My attempt to get all that in one place:

Need the following information - #2 by 289wk

And, links to guidance on how to use the Discourse software - the Brave Community Reply/Report UI:

Brave Community UI Buttons - Tips

Searching for Issues similar to yours, or of interest, at the GitHub residence for Brave Browser

Quick Orientation to: Searching for Brave Browser Issues at GitHub

Brave Search Engine

The Brave Search Engine should find every Brave Browser technical term, and up-to-date documentation, guidance, and help – all of of which, ought to be present within the Brave Help Center.

If Brave Support wants people to do research, first, then “the system” had better provide thorough illustrations and examples on how to search, using the Brave Search Engine, and using the search function within the Brave Community software system.


My prayer for you, is that you measure your energy and time, as you get involved, and focus your effort.

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Well, apparently there is a character limit for Topics and I reached it! lol

I will just remove information as needed and repost it in a new post. The post will be linked in the section in the main topic and have (Removed Content/Character Limit) added to the end.

Wiki Topic: Additional Information per Discourse Trust Levels and Editing (Removed Content/Character Limit)

An example of the Basic badge is below. If you have this badge, it will be displayed in your Profile under Badges. If you click your icon, your trust level (badge label) is usually displayed at the bottom in the row of badge labels. You can click on the label to go to the badge.


Discourse article per trust levels:
Understanding Discourse (Brave Community) Trust Levels

Edit Conflicts
An “edit conflict” notice will pop up if someone else is editing the post at the same time. You could potentially overwrite the other persons edit (or they could overwrite yours) if you save your edit during an “edit conflict” scenario. Instead of saving your edit, just cancel the edit and save it as a Draft and post it later when there is no conflict. Just make sure any new edits are displayed in the preview pane of your Draft when you pull it back up.

If new edits are not showing in your draft. Copy the information saved in your draft post, discard the draft, and click to edit the post again. Then paste the information you copied into the new edit.

Editing Plugin
There is a plugin that allows shared editing but I do not know if it is available for Brave wiki posts. Just to be on the safe side, don’t post your edit until the conflict is resolved (no one else is editing topic, just you). Apparently there is a “tell” that indicates if the plugin is enabled or not. I will try to find out more and let you know.

Help Needed/Formatting Topic Appearance & Content

Help me! lol I do not know anything about how to format in the editor. The menu options are limited and I do not know markdown or html (not anymore anyway, has been years!). I’m trying to “wing it”, but it just looks messy and ineffective. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Wiki Editor

@Aman_M Aman is now a member of the Wiki Editor club! Gratz! lol

Seriously, thank-you so much for adding to this project. :smiley:

Retired (Wiki Topic)

The topic is now a wiki post. Anyone with Trust Level 1 (TL1) can edit the topic. The Basic Badge is TL1. If you have this badge, you can edit this topic. Please, if you are not comfortable editing the topic, just post a reply with suggestions and/or solutions and someone will add it!

Additional Information per Discourse Trust Levels and Editing


Discourse article per trust levels:
Understanding Discourse (Brave Community) Trust Levels

Also, an “edit conflict” notice will pop up if someone else is editing the post at the same time. You could potentially overwrite the other persons edit (or they could overwrite yours) if you save your edit during an “edit conflict” scenario. Instead of saving your edit, just cancel the edit and save it as a Draft and post it later when there is no conflict. Just make sure any new edits are displayed in the preview pane of your Draft.

There is a plugin that allows shared editing but I do not know if it is available for Brave wiki posts. Just to be on the safe side, don’t post your edit until the conflict is resolved (no one else is editing topic, just you). Apparently there is a “tell” that indicates if the plugin is enabled or not. I will try to find out more and let you know.

Realistically, I’ll be wishing there were conflicts. Probably gonna have to dream on per that one. Ditto per replies. :laughing:

Retired (Original Post)

Nooooo. Good stuff. Very much appreciate the input! The more eyes on the topic, the better it will become (hopefully anyway!)

I missed those topics! Nice work. I will incorporate into this topic and source your original posts if that is ok with you.

Thank-you both for your input. I think I will make this a wiki post in the future, so that anyone can edit and add to the topic. What do you think? I will have to do a little research per that, but think in the long run the benefits would far outweigh any drawbacks. Get the community users involved and less likely to miss helpful posts!

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@289wk Contributions
Thank-you so much for contributing! :smiley:

Retired (4 Total Added)

Suggestions Already Added
How to create a Bug Report
Brave Community UI Buttons - Tips
Quick Orientation to: Searching for Brave Browser Issues at GitHub (Added in Removed Content/Character Limit at Brave GitHub/Repositories/More Details/Issues section)
Need the following information - #2 by 289wk (Added in Brave GitHub/GitHub Changelogs section )

Retired Info

@289wk Can you please post new suggestions in a new reply? or “Retire” your original post using Hide Details (see example in my post #3)? I totally missed that you edited your post and added new suggestions. So I don’t have to go back over edited posts (groan), it would be very helpful if you just replied in a new post or “Retired” entries in your post. I wish I had thought of the “Retired” option before @Aman_M deleted his post! :cry:

Edit: Ugh, setting the "Need the Following Information" aside for the time being. Too much to sift through. If you could parse/organize the information a little more that would be very helpful! Just don't have the time to work through it atm.

I was actually working on the GitHub thing! Cool. :smiley:

@Chocoholic ,

If I have more to add, I will create a new reply.


I am going to start a section on targeted solutions provided by community members. These will not necessarily be global solutions for an issue, but solutions that worked for a particular user in their case (if that makes any sense!).

If you have examples of these type solutions, please post them in a reply to this topic. The solution should be current. In other words, not something that happened years ago which will probably never happen again! :grin:


@Aman_M Thanks for the updates! :slightly_smiling_face:

I really like linking the removed content due to character limits to a post of the content. Great idea!

Also, like that you added links to the Help Center article per issue as “Context:”. Much more relevant there than where I had it.

Per the PSA: FAQ topic, I think that was probably a good idea to move it for now. Some of the information in the topic is outdated due to recent changes in version updates. Should we indicate that?

Per the grey background of headers. You like it better highlighted all the way across? I tend to like just the “classification” part highlighted, but either way is good with me! Just would like it be consistent. I am not going to change anything until you (and any others who want to chime in!) let me know which you prefer. :smiley:

I wasn’t sure myself but thought to give it a try. Now it does look to obscure its content. You can change it as you like.

I think, PSAs, FAQs, Help Centre and Resources, How to… and How do I… topics need a better placement, formatting/clubbing together but I don’t know how. And I agree that most important issues of the month should appear first.

Also, I was thinking, details on working with Brave GitHub looks to occupy some space and is slightly off topic as well. May be it can be put under “hide details” in some way or a new post with a link in the OP. Nothing serious, just a suggestion, it fine in the OP as well.

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OK. Probably will change the next update I make.

Good idea. I will move to new post and link. (Yes! Liking this more and more! :smiley:) I personally like to know if GitHub issue report is open for those support requests with issues that are posted frequently.

I think I will leave the “In the Works…” section and move the rest. Or maybe put it at the end of the related issue? Like Context would be at top and GitHub issue report at bottom? What do you think?

Edit: Forgot one!

Agreed! lol I have been struggling with the formatting of those sections too. Maybe keep the “How to…” and “How do I…” sections and move everything else to a link? Maybe we will think of something to help improve… hopefully… or better yet, maybe someone else will have a better idea and share it! :smiley:

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Yeah, at the end of the related issues would be better idea for “In the works” GitHub issues. May be more of that can be added as we find.

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Selected Topics: Brave GitHub

Overview for Finding Projects & Issues on GitHub (Removed /Character Limit)

If you thought Brave Community was confusing… just wait. I am using my own words when trying to explain this. If anyone knows the correct terminology, please update the topic or post the correction in a reply to this topic. Ditto if I just plain got it wrong! Any input you provide will be greatly appreciated!
Link to GitHub Documentation: GitHub Docs

Brave Software Main Page
This is the main page for Brave Software on GitHub. This page will display an Overview of what is available for Public access. Repositories and Projects are of primary interest if you are looking to find a specific project and are the focus of this post.

Projects (Top Level)
At this time, there are 9 major project classifications: 1 Beta Project and 8 Projects . These are the top level projects. You can view these by clicking on Projects in the Brave Software main page menu.

Selected Top Level Projects List

If you click on a top level project in the Brave Software Projects list, it will bring you to what I call the project dashboard. The dashboard displays issues assigned to the project and are organized by where they are in the development process. You can track the status of an issue entered on the dashboard by clicking on the card link. You can search for specific cards by entering keyword(s) in Filter cards

Selected Top Level Projects in Brave Software Projects
Links will bring you to the Project Dashboard

Wallet (Beta Project)
Rewards Client Roadmap
Rewards Global
Sync - All platforms

View the List of All Projects (excluding Beta)

Repositories (Issues & Projects)
There are 181 Public(Public + Public Archive) Repositories in Brave Software. Repositories contain project files. There are 4 Repository topics pinned on the main page for easy access. You can find all available repositories below the pinned ones.

I am going to use the Brave-Browser Repository as an example for finding Issues and Projects in the More Details (Repositories) section below. All other repositories are similar with a few exceptions. For example, Issues & Projects for the Brave-Core Repository are in the Brave-Browser Repository and most repositories don’t have Wikis.

More Details (Repositories)

If you click on the Brave-Browser Repository, the <>Code Master page is displayed. This post is addressing the Issues and Projects menu options.

Clicking on the Issues menu option opens the Issue Reports in the Brave-Browser Repository. Each report is assigned an issue number. Open and Closed issue reports are listed in two separate categories.

You can search for an Issue Report by entering keywords in the search query box. This will pull up both open and closed issues using the keywords entered. When searching, you can enter the keywords at the beginning or end of the query string automatically displayed or remove the string entirely and just enter your keywords. The same results display and both open and closed reports are pulled.

@289wk posted a topic (with screenshots!) of searching for Brave GitHub Issues.
Quick Orientation to: Searching for Brave Browser Issues at GitHub

A link to the GitHub About documentation on Search is in the topic but I reposted it here also. About searching on GitHub

More Details (Issues)

To view details about an issue click on the report link. The report is a busy place with lots of information! If interested, you can explore the information in more detail to get a better understanding but explaining the various additional information provided is way too complex (and I don’t understand a lot of it! lol) and out of the scope of this post.

If an issue is Closed, that does not mean it is available in the Release version. If you look to the far right of the issue report, you will find Project and Milestone assignments. Under Project are listed the project(s) the issue was assigned to and under Milestone the version release for the issue. There may or may not be anything listed under either of these. The issue can move through the development process without having a project and/or milestone assignment. If you look in the body of the issue report, you can usually see where the issue was initially assigned and pulled.

Example Issue:
Rewards page blank with devtools errors#22113


Within the body of the issue report you see other related issues like the following.
Fix rewards page local storage loader brave/brave-core#12904.
If you go to that issue, you will see it was assigned a milestone but not a project which is not unexpected since it was originally assigned to brave/brave-core.

All the Projects in the Brave-Browser Repository are listed here. If you click on a project in the list, you will pull up the Project Dashboard. As in the Brave Software Projects, all the issues assigned to that project will be displayed and are organized by where they are in the development process. You can track the status of a project entered on the dashboard by clicking on the card link. You can search for specific cards by entering keyword(s) in Filter cards

RETIRED (Removed Content/Character Limit)

Source: ISSUE: Receiving Less BAT than Earned (April 2022 Payout)

Retired (Reprocessing Update)

:red_circle: April payouts have started reprocessing with Release version 1.37.114. :red_circle:

Update per Extra Bat:
Double payment for march - #3 by steeven

Update per Solving Puzzle / BAT Disappeared:
Brave Rewards Claim Error - #2 by steeven

Monthly Ads Payout Status (direct link):

Retired (Bug Notices & Payments Reprocessing with 1.37.114 release)

April Payouts to be Re-issued this week:
Notice: April 2022 BAT payout much lower than expected compared to estimated earnings (issue)

Only received 0.25 BAT:
r/BATProject Problems with March Earnings
Credit: @IanMoone

Claim button disappeared:
r/BATProject Did Brave Team suspend reward claiming for Android devices?
Credit: @Zerosouls

Might be a good idea to have consistent and meaningful status indicators.


I agree! The red and green dots are confusing. I thought green would mean complete and red still processing but it is just the opposite. And I am still unsure what exactly the yellow does… I wish Brave would change that or at least put it in the post what those indicators mean!

I will add the information per my understanding (probably wrong! :laughing:) to this topic though. Great idea! Thank-you for the contribution. :smiley:

04/27/2022 Brave Release version 1.38.109 released today. Go check out the Release Notes!

A new topic has been created: User Solutions: Brave Release 1.38.x

Please place any new comments, suggestions, workarounds, solutions, etc. you may find and want to add in that topic.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this topic (whether they knew it or not lol).