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Note: I’m not going to follow your preferred format, as it’s not a bug report but a feedback
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I wanted to share my user-experience with you after using the Brave-Browser intensely for a week. (Version: 0.23.105 on Win10)

TLDR: Brave is a good browser I can so far recommend. I don’t like the handling of search engines and extensions though.

One of the main reasons for using it is quite probably the privacy concerns of a lot of people.

The first line of the subreddits descriptions says it all " Brave is an open-source, privacy-protecting […] web browser […]"

The settings give you quite good options to set the privacy as rigid as you want. It’s also got interesting settings for tab interaction, which I haven’t yet seen somewhere else. I don’t think I profited from this a lot yet, but the option to set which tab to switch to after closing the active one is pretty cool. I also like the “site isolation” option, how well it works I cannot say as I don’t understand how isolated the different processes are. (Adding something to your amazon cart without being logged in, puts it into your cart in a different tab, too.) Of course, there are synchronising options (I don’t use) and spelling checks for different languages (which I definitively need), but you get those things everywhere.

About the ad-blocking: I’m not sure, but it sounds as if “Adblock Plus” was implemented. I switched to uBlock Origin some time back in other browsers and never looked back. But it seems to work enough. It lacks the huge amounts of lists, but for me the not-tracking and getting-rid-of-social-buttons were the most important ones (apart from ads). Brave blocks tracking in other ways and I haven’t noticed a social button yet. Works for me so far.

I’m kinda excited about the brave-advertising, because giving to the content producers is important. I’m not yet using it though, as I don’t like profiling, even if it happens on my own machine.

What I really love is the out-of-the-box working script blocker. Yeah, sure, chrome got that, too, BUT you can either enable all or no script for a website, which kinda sucks. In Brave you can select the ones you want to allow in a quite user-friendly way. What I don’t like about it though is that everything is checked for allowing, and you got to unselect the ones you want to block instead of having to select the ones you want to allow. But that’s my personal preference.

Now to the problems I got with Brave:

Subjectively it feels a bit sluggish in comparison to my chrome browser with uBlock Origin and deactivated scripts.

Allowing scripts in one tab has no effect of the same script in another tab - sometimes ? I really can’t reproduce it. With some attempts the scripts are also disabled the other tab after reloading, with some attempts and different sites, it’s not. That might be me forking up though (therefore no bug report). I can’t see an option to void the permission to run the script. So instead of only showing the blocked scripts, showing all scripts would be cool. Also, I can’t find a way to permanently allow some scripts, so they permission is not lost after restarting. (with and without deleting the history)

First, I was kinda stoked to be able to have incognito tabs in the normal window, but now I dislike it. I prefer the new window way, where I can open another incognito tab with ctrl+t. I regularly mess that up and end up using a ‘regular’ tab while thinking I use an incognito one. - This isn’t really a problem as I right now delete all cookies and the history after shutting it down, but it might be for others or future me.

Where I have to really scold Brave are the Addons. They’re there without me installing them, preinstalled. That’s a red flag right there. Also, I can only ‘deactivate’ them, it seems I can’t actually get rid of them. There are 4 password plugins (1Password, Bitwarden, Dashlane, LastPass), one “use the most current coupons when shopping online” (!!eleven!) (Honey), a torrent-viewer, a pdf-viewer, something for Etherium and some kind of Pocket (?). I want the PDF-Viewer and nothing else. Others might use all or none, but I don’t want it in my browser. (for me it looks like bloatware.)

Search Engines, now that’s something I really love about Chrome. Don’t want to*&ie=BlaBla-8&oe=BS-8&client=GO_AWAY*, change it. Don’t like to have Amazon/Bing/Quant/Twitter/Yahoo/Yandex search options in your browser? You don’t have to. Want Pons or Dict or [Oxforddictionaries/UrbanDictionary/GMaps/] or Reddit / Subreddits? Easy Peasy, just add / to a list, add your keyword, BAM it works. IMO one of the best features of chrome.


Admittedly, cool that they added :wa, but you won’t ever get all the search engines some users might want.

Using Tor-Tabs? I’m not so sure about that. Haven’t tried it, as I use the Tor-Browser for that, but is a nice idea.

Conclusion: A good Browser which could be a great browser with a few (probably little) changes.

Thanks for reading!

  • Jhon

Edit: Clarification on the ‘not-bug-report’


Hi @Jhon,
Thanks for taking your time for writing this awesome feedback post. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not pre-installed. Brave only listed supported extensions. Only downloaded and installed if user enable it for the first time.



Hi @Jhon, great feedback! We truly do appreciate all the kinds words about our product. We’re always looking to improve and better adjust to our users. I would like to address some of the issues you raised:

Scripts, ads/tracking, and other undesirable content is blocked via Brave’s Shields. Default Shields settings can be set in preferences, but you can also set the Shields settings for each specific domain you visit. When you’re browsing a web page, if you click the lion icon on the top right, you’ll see the Shields panel displayed:

This is where you can adjust individual privacy/security settings for the specific website you have in focus. For example, if I choose to enable Block Scripts in the screenshot above, it would be enabled for, but once I navigate to a new site, it will either:

  • Maintain the site-specific shields settings as they were configured the last time the site was visited

  • (or) If no changes to site-specific Shields settings were made at any point, the web page will default to the “general” shields settings as you see them in Preferences:

This may be why it seems as though sometimes enabling “Block Scripts” doesn’t carry over or is otherwise behaving strangely. The ability to block or white list specific scripts and execute more granular script control overall is something the team is already discussing and is a feature we plan to fully implement in our 1.0 release.

I’m not sure I following along entirely with this one so correct me if I’m wrong, but you’d like opening a new private tab to open it’s own window, rather than as a private tab in window? If that’s the case, I believe this is the planned implementation of private/incognito windows in Brave 1.0. As it stands now, this is the way they function in the developer build:

Additionally, did you notice that you can enable Tor in your private tabs with Brave (0.23.105)? You seem like someone who understands the importance of data privacy - this particular feature may be of value to you (this post is getting long but please let me know if you’d like to discuss Tor private browsing in greater detail).

We certainly dont like to be scolded! The extensions included in Brave browser are all optional and were specifically designed to work with the Brave Muon front-end UI. You can disable them at any time and are not required to used any of them. That being said, Brave 1.0 will offer full extension support since it will leverage the Chromium UI.
If a PDF viewer is all that you want then more power to ya:image

Interesting you should say that! I’ll once again reference the Chromium UI used in Brave 1.0, and I believe search engines are managed much in the way you described Chrome does. Here’s a screenshot of the search engine management in the Developer build (note: many Brave UI/Design elements have not yet been implemented):

I think I’ve addressed the major points of your feedback. If you’re interested, I highly recommend you try out the Brave 1.0 Developer build we just released to the public. Its a [very] early look at what to expect from Brave 1.0 later this year, and many issues you may have with the current live release (V0.23.105 Muon build) you’ll find addressed here. That being said, there are many features still lacking in this bulid, as it is a very early build.

There are a few other points you brought up that I elected not to address due to the Dickens-esque length of this post - namely our Ad-Blocker and (as mentioned in post) private tabs with Tor functionality. If you’d like to discuss these particular issues at length, let me know here, in a new topic, or DM me directly and I’d be happy to go over them with you. Again, this is excellent feedback, and I hope that my response helped quell at least some worry/concern over the direction our browser is taking.

Enjoy your privacy!


Note: I wanted to come back and confirm that moving forward into 1.0, Brave will use the “Private Window” function vs “Private tab” function as you described.


@eljuno @Mattches 3)
Oh, ok. If you could make that clear(er) that they are not preinstalled, but will install with the first activation, then this specifically shouldn’t be a problem for anyone in the future :). I can’t remember if any of them were activated when I installed Brave. I’ll check that when (at some point in the hopefully near future) I get Brave for my Ubuntu OS.

Thank you for your detailed answer @Mattches !

I got the scrips blocked by default. It is sometimes a bit… annoying, but it’s kinda disturbing to see the amount of scripts that a website wants to run. And it gives me a great satisfaction to cherrypick the ones I need for the operation of the website and leave the others blocked.
(a quick example:

Edit: Basically what was asked for in the link you shared, so I cut it out of here.

I’d also appreciate it if all the scirpts were unchecked by default, when I click on that icon in order to cherrypick. (This is basically fixed in the Dev version.)

  1. & 4) Ok, so both topics seem to be solved with the chromium Version. I thought the last ‘official’ release was already based on chromium.

What I couldn’t find on the Dev build is the global settings for the brave shield. When I click on “Edit default shield settings…” it sends me to the general setting site, but I can’t find eg. the option to block all fingerprinting (Dev vers. downloaded 11.09.18 for Windows)

I tried the Tor on the Muon version (still 0.23.105) (As I can’t find it on the Chromium version?). I like using in order to check if something gets out of a inkognito tab. Well, after solving the captcha and allowing all scripts, Amazon seems to be still broken. Searching for something sends me to a page where they apologise for a technical error. (The Link is the correct one, but it’s not showing the right page) The exatly same page opens without a problem within the firefox-based Tor-Browser.


That’s because we’ve yet to implement many Brave-specific features in the Dev version. You’ll see this implemented in future updates. For now, you’re restricted to the settings/interface provided by default in Chromium.

I dont encounter this issue when running live build (should be v 0.23.107 as of today). I’m able to search without being redirected or blocked by amazon. Gif to confirm - can you try again with your shields settings set as you see in my example? :


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