Useless VPN Service

Type of device (iPad pro, iPhone 10, etc): Macbook Pro

iOS version ( Settings --> About --> Software Version ): Sonoma 14.4

Detailed description of the behavior:

Tried to give Brave VPN a second chance, but the support is so heinous I’ll be disconnecting my account again. Putting this out there as this is an issue that should have been addressed in the last couple of months since the last time I reported it.

VPN never turns on. Keeps telling me to get a subscription - of course I click ‘already purchased’, which leads you to your profile and a ‘refresh’ button that seems like it’s just there as a joke, since it does absolutely nothing. On day 3 of having the account with no access - browser and computer both restarted to no effect.
The last time I was a subscriber, it took me over a week to even get a real response from Brave about this issue (and it was never even resolved). I won’t be wasting my time again, just wanted to draw attention to this longstanding issue.

If you’d like to provide your ticket number, I’m happy to make sure someone takes a look.

Otherwise, I do apologize for your troubles.

What ticket? There’s no evident way to contact support other than this forum. Took me forever to get through to email last time.

Use this form to submit a ticket and let me know what the ticket number you’re given is and I can have someone take a look asap: