Use (the same) brave portable on 3 different PC's


I am completely new here as well as at google stuff and, for this reason, at brave (as I have heavy reserves against google, because google try to dominate the world, but I must say that google makes a really great job for all).

I use 3 laptop PC, all from DELL and old, all with i7 and 8 GB RAM (but different HD) because of different needs: I work on a laptop with high resolution screen because of my terrible bad view. In our leaving room, I use a second laptop where the screen has no needs to support: it is connected with the TV screen and only have to transmit the TV from internet (or videos from USB stick) to the TV and it’ s screen, from laptop, is usuable as well as tablet with touch screen as as laptop in the dinner room. And I use a third laptop with SIM phone card (a day internet cost so 1 Euro on demand also only if y really use internet) if I am not at home and all are in linux!

And I am one of the rare people using frequently now (since any weeks) a 360° photo and video camera (but my usual use is more take photos!).

brave browser is very useful for that: if you open a 360° photography in brave, you can it with the mouse on each half of the full picture and see VERY better that half as in the full picture (each half of the picture correspond to only one of both objectives and will be decompressed in the landscape direction (but is only one of both parts of view deformation in 360° camera: the second, most important deformation, the spherical deformation of view will not be make better only using brave or chrome! You need some special application to do that!. But it is so helpful that you can appreciate if the picture can probably be used, and what is on it, and so begin to eliminate picture without no interest! This is known as the “streetview” technical (from google))

so you see how important brave can be for me instead of firefox :slight_smile: !

but …

… using firefox, I know exactly what I have to do to port also a/ the setting and b/ the browser useful files and contents from computer to compute with the firefox portable: I only have to copy all the subdirectory ~/…mozilla/firefox/ with a script from / to an usb memory card, for ex. the card where firefox-portable or brave-portable are, and the next computer can also (continue to) use all the stuff as I never would had changed the computer! The 3 laptops react in firefox exactly as it would be only one laptop…
my question is: can I do the same using brave?

which subdir’s and files (if external from the subdir’s) have to be saved on the usb memory card before and, later, have to be returned to the usb memory card?

where can I find the most actual version of brave-portable? do you recommend to start brave portable directly from usb memory card or better from HD an how to control before starting the use if the versions are the same?

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