Use picture of URL to open a site / image search?

Is it possibke to implment a feature that would allow you to take a picture of a web site and open that link? Not a QR code. For instance i have a complex web address I need to enter. It would be really handybto be able to just take a pic of the the address bar and open it from there.

not sure what you’re trying to do.
If you have a (complex) web address opened, you can activate your address-field, copy the url, CTRL+C (copy the link), CTRL+T (open a new tab in your browser), CTRL+V (paste the complex address into browser prompt) and hit “Enter”.
Also you can “right-click” on a tab and select “duplicate tab”.

Between two devices you could “share it” or send a link and/or use a url shortener.

Why take a picture?

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Ahhh probably should have been a bit clearer. The url (in this instance) was printed on a paper, not on a device or screen. But I have had similar situations in the past with other printed materials, signs, posters, et .

There are other apps that can translate picture to text for you that you can use.