Use of Ctrl + <hyperlink> to open bookmarked site in new tab

Prior user of Chrome. One of the navigation feature I used a lot was the CTRL key plus a hyperlink to open in a new tab, so I didn’t have to keep navigating back and forth on the home page tab. In Brave, this works from a hyperlink on the open tab. However, I also used it from the bookmarks to open them in new tabs. It appears in Brave that the only way you can open a bookmark is in the active tab, rather than a new tab (by either CTRL + or from the mouse right-click). Would like to see the ability to open bookmarks into new tabs if possible.


Hi @Conan,

Which OS are you on? It’s works on my laptop.

  • Ctrl + Click will open that bookmark in new tab and it’s saved session.
  • Right-click bookmark give me option to open bookmark in new tab.


I am using Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1, on an older Alienware M11x laptop.

As I mentioned in the original request, I can do the new tab from a hyperlink but not from the bookmark list.

When I CTRL + click a bookmark it opens in the active tab. When I right click, I get no action at all…