Use Lexend Font throughout Browser, including Speedreader

Easiest to read font ever. No, not team member, just a believer. Was designed for kids with dyslexia, but I got it for the eyestrain relief. Easier to read than Helvetica Neue and Verdana. Compared all three and the difference was intuitive and obvious. Best vid I found explaining it: Website for downloading: Can also pull from google fonts: Have installed all the TTF files in LibreOffice and it is the only font I now use.

Voted! The video explains that Google had a hand in the creation of the font, so if it’s not in Chromium, it should be!

I note that the speedreader functionality, where this font is most applicable, uses “Atkinson Hyperlegible”. Wikipedia says it is “intended to be optimally legible for readers who are partially visually impaired, with all characters maximally distinguishable from one another.” That’s good, but it’s not designed for speed!

We have CSS media queries for things like prefers-reduced-motion and prefers-contrast where users can send a hint to a website that it should provide certain accessibility features*. Legibility ought to be among these options rather than in a speed reader, which ought to be built for its named purpose.

(* I can’t find anywhere in Settings where I can make these a preference in Brave!)

I did compare Atkinson Hyperlegible with Lexend, and while they are both highly legible, san-serif fonts, I have to give the edge to Lexend, since the letters are wider, increasing legibility (at least for me).

BTW, whatever font you use in the Brave forums is very similiar to Lexend, and I also find it more legible than Atkinson Hyperlegible. Since you already use this font in the forums, why not use it for speedreader (which I use as much as possible, now, and is my favorite Brave feature, OK 2nd favorite after Brave Shields)?

I don’t get your distinction between speedreading vs legibility. If I can’t see it clearly, I can’t read fast. To me legibility and speed are one. Could you provide some examples of fonts designed for speed reading?

“whatever font you use in the Brave forums”
It’s called Poppins. To identify a font, hover the mouse over some text, right-click, select “Inspect” to open the Dev Tools sidebar, and select “Computed” from the secondary panel of the Elements tab. “Rendered Fonts” is as the foot of that panel.

“Could you provide some examples of fonts designed for speed reading?”
Speed is how Lexend is measured to be better. Their website states " Fluency is measured in Words Correct Per Minute". It should be ideal for a speed reader app!

After re-reading, realized you were referring to Atkinson, not Lexend, when describing speed. Thx for clarification.

Thanks for the tip on inspect tab. Only time I use that is when I’m trying to dl an embedded video on a webpage to see if I can copy the exact link and it never works.