Use Brave shortcut keys in multi-language systems

I have two language in my os, when i used second one on brave i clouldn’t use shortcut keys like copy and paste and other one.
I expect when i changed my language to something like persian i can copy or paste or do anything else like open new tab or pervious tab
But i can’t use any of them.
Here is my system information:
Mac OS X 10.13.6 High Sierra
|OS Release|17.7.0|
|Update Channel|Release|
|OS Architecture|x64|
|OS Platform|macOS|
|Brave Sync|v1.4.2|

Thank you very much :slight_smile: Brave is very very good.

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Thanks for reporting @MrV,

We’ve an issue logged for this issue where shortcuts not working if it’s not English keyboard. I added your +1 to the issue which can be tracked here

Also, does it work well with chrome? If yes, then we can best assume that Brave 1.0 (coming this year) will have no this issue.


Thank you very much,
Also I tested it on chrome, it’s work very well. I hope that Brave 1.0 release sooner :smiley:

Also i found something else but i don’t know i should create another topic or write it here!
when I’m using Brave in full screen mode and when i click on link that it will pop up another page it’s going to full screen, when i’m done with that page and click on continue button on page poped up page will stay and will not close. it’s second bug perhaps i find out.
Good luck