Use Brave as the default Assist app on Android



Could you please add a feature to allow us to configure Android Settings> Defaults> Assist & voice input > Assist app> select Brave.

After this, holding the Home button should open a new Brave tab, focus on the address bar and automatically open the keyboard. That is how it works on other browsers.
It makes browsing not only faster, but more peasant on large phones since we no longer have to:

  1. Scroll the page little bit down to show the hidden address panel.

  2. Reach all the way to the top-right corner on a large device to tap on Tabs button.

  3. Move the finger all the way to the top-left corner on a large device to tap on PLUS button to open a new tab.

  4. Move the finger all the way to the top on a large device to tap on the address bar to activate the keyboard.

  5. Type the search keyword or website.

As you can imagine, the above is not a pleasant experience. All this can be solved by holding the Home button for 2 seconds if Brave was the default Assist app.

Alternatively, holding the tabs button on the address bar could open a new tab, focus on address field and open the keyboard.

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