USDT purchase via Wyred sent to the wrong address

I just created a new wallet, and wanted to fund with some USDT,
so i chose USDT in the menu, and was sent to Wyred for payment with my card.
Transaction carried out and the funds sent.
But no money in my USDT account.
When i look at the transaction (both on Wyred and etherscan) I can see that the money was sent to my ETH main account, and not to the USDT account inside it.
The money is there, but i cannot access it in any way.

When i tried to replicate the error to be able to show to support for Wyred, I was then being sent to another address (which seems like the correct one).
As I can’t replicate the error, I don’t really know what went wrong.

Can i move the USDT to the correct account?
I’ve heard it’s possible on CEXs, but not sure how it would work in this case.

Thanks for your help

@hub please guide. Thanks!

@badaboo Do you have more than one account in Brave wallet? Are you referring one to “ETH main account” and other to the “USDT account”? Are you able see USDT balance in any of you accounts? Do post an update.

You have to select/switch your account first, before making the purchase. Maybe you didn’t switch accounts and 1st one was selected before making the purchase?

Brave ETH account:

Wyred sent to address:

The ETH Account address above is the address that got sent to my Wyred application when i initiated the first transfer.

Now, when I try to do the same thing again, a completely different address is being used:
Regardless if I choose ETH or USDT, this address is being sent to Wyred instead.
That’s why I cannot replicate the issue.
And I don’t understand why a different address is suddenly there.
Which one should I use and why is it different from the first time?

I can see the money only in etherscan. Not in my brave wallet. Not in Brave wallet transactions. Only in etherscan.

What confuses me is that when i try to replicate the issue (meaning that i try to reload the page, and then add funds without selecting USDT) I am no longer coming to the same address. So I believe there was some glitch where not the correct address was being selected.

When you look at etherscan with your Brave Wallet address you see the funds there, correct? Then they are in the wallet.
What may be happening is that the USDT that is shown to you in the Brave wallet is not the same network. You need to select the correct network. In this case USDT in Ethereum network.

note: you mention that the address is not the same any more, but the addresses you posted above are exactly the same.

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