USDC Withdrawl from Brave Wallet to Ledger Nano through Ethereum address did not arrive

I sent USDC to my Ledger’s Ethereum token address. The brave wallet says the transaction is completed yet the USDC is not in my ledger nano s wallet.

USDC is an Ethereum ERC-20 token, ledger instructs to withdraw it on this chain.

I attempted to move my funds from my brave wallet to multiple different exchange wallets previously. The errors for these attempted transactions are in my transaction history.

I have experience moving crypto to my ledger wallet from exchanges and wallets in the past. I’ve never had a problem moving tokens until using brave wallet. I’ve lost a little over 90 USDC.

@SaltyBanana @hub Please look into this. Thank you !

If you post a transaction hash we may be able to see more information to help

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