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Hello, I know there must be fellow Brave advocates in NEW YORK CITY. Let’s organize! All types of Bravehearters welcome to respond, publishers, developers, interested peeps with backgrounds in QA, creative, marketing, advertising, etc.


Hi Liz. I’m a UX designer, spent way too much time in advertising and a handful of other disciplines so I should have quite a bit to talk about and think this could be really look. Anyone else down for this?

Cooll, glad to meet you! So far I’ve only heard from one other person, but he’s a developer so between the 3 of us we have a good mix for an initial discussion. Maybe we should aim to meet in January? Once we nail down a time and location maybe more people interested in Brave & BAT will chime in.

That’s great news. I have two friends in the design and development space I may try and drag along if they’re avail. Both great guys. I suspect once BRAVE grows in popularity a lot more people may want to come out to any events or group chats.

January sounds smart/good as I’m sure many people are on their holiday missions right now. Thanks Liz and speak soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Hey Liz, startup founder working in the nyc tech ecosystem for a while. Love to join the meet up as well. How can we gather more details? Later in January works for me as well.

Hey, i’m a sophomore computer science student looking to help contribute to the browser. Later January sounds good to me.

I’m guessing Liz might have gotten busy during the holidays. Is anyone here still excited to meet up in the city?


I’m interested in having a BAT NYC meetup


Hi everyone! I’m excited for a brave community meetup. As this thread seems to have stalled I’ve decided to organize one.

The first?? Brave NYC meetup will be held this saturday (2/17) at the Epiphany Library in Manhattan.

The address is:
228 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010

The meetup will begin at 2pm and I will be bringing oranges. For more details email [email protected]. That says mail NOT gmail.

Thanks I hope to see you there:)


I’m sorry I missed this. Just joined the community today, so…

Well we can organize another one whenever works for people. Only 2 ended up being able to attend last time so maybe we need a different time?

My work schedule is variable. I get called in the moment I have plans… But I will try to have a useful coherent answer about when I can go. I will be talking to boss tomorrow, and I will know more.

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