US int keyboard dead keys not working with stable version

Hi Brave support;
I have Ubuntu Focal Fossa 20.04 installed and have reinstalled Brave to the latest stable version installed from ubuntu software. Since my us internation dead keys doesn’t work anymore. Very frustrating as I’m writing in french with qwerty keyboard.

  1. Removed - apt autoremove - restart - install from ubuntu software ==> still NOK
  2. Removed and install beta version from terminal with steps from brave site ==> works.
    Last step I will try is installing from command line the stable version.
    I would like to report the issue for others and techos.

update = I have installed from command line and works !!
Need to be reproduce!!

If you were using the Snap, I wonder whether it’s the same problem as what this user has found and fixed:

Glad to know it’s working with the packages in the official repository (

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