US Bank - Android App - Problem solved


Hello everyone,

I’ve installed the Brave Browser on my Nexus 5X. It’s fast and seems to be working well but I have one question.

Is it possible that the browser has made some global security changes in the phone to block certain data?
And is it possible that the US Bank app is hanging because it has sent a request for something that is now being blocked?

Things I’ve tried.

  1. Reboot the phone (Duh)
  2. Uninstall/Reinstall App
  3. Uninstall Brave and rebooted phone
    4 Reinstalled Brave and turned off all privacy settings

Not sure if Brave is the cause but I’ve never had issues with the US Bank app.

If anyone has suggestions I would love to hear from you.


------------- My follow up
Looks like everything on US Banks android app is working again.
I’m going to chalk this one up to an issue on US Banks side. I didn’t change anything and it just started working again so, there you go I guess. :slight_smile:

Case closed.

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