URLs entered are discarded and need to be entered twice

Description of the issue:
A new tab is opened and a URL is typed in, then enter is pressed. The browser seems to start fetching the site, but then the URL disappears and the new tab screen is shown without loading the URL. When the URL is entered a second time, it loads correctly. This does not happen every single time, but at least 50% of the time.
This happens with URLs that are typed in completely, copy and pasted, or auto-completed, as well as clicking on my frequently accessed pages on my new tab default page.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Type URL in and press enter

Expected result:
The URL should load completely the first time.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
v1.43.89 (this has been going on for many months though, through many versions)

Additional Information:
This has been reported a number of times before (I have to load URLs twice) but no useful fix has been posted. The standard “Upgrade to latest version of Brave” does not fix the problem.

do u have any extensions? or any search settings

The irony. I just tried opening my “Settings” and it did the same thing.

  • Google is set as the search engine for the address bar.
  • I have a number of extensions. The prior reports of this problem indicate that disabling all extensions has not fixed it for others.

remove some of the settings see if it works

This is something I’ve posted about in the past (more than once, I’m pretty sure), and is still happening.

As in @asor’s case, it doesn’t happen every time.

However, in my case it happens a lot.

I’m on a Mac, so whatever is causing it appears unrelated to platform/OS.

Try report it as a bug

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This problem persists after removing all extensions.

report it as a bug and see if u get better support

According to the Brave Help Center documents, one submits a bug report by posting here.

I thought that’s what I was doing posting here. Is there some mysterious, hidden other place to actually submit a bug report? This issue has been reported by multiple users over years and every time the thread is just closed for inactivity after a month. So what can we actually do to try to get this resolved instead of ignored?

@asor Big issue here is it’s not being replicated. You did mention from last year, but you’ll also see everyone stopped responding to that Topic once they were told to update Brave. So it was assumed fixed at that point.

Where? I just looked through all your posts https://community.brave.com/u/mk7z/activity through 2021 and I don’t see anything like that.

You talked about crashes, adding Qwant, asking about relaunch, no response when opening new tab with TOR, asking for a Name Window feature, if Bookmarks file is viewable, how to save a webpage in Brave, how to use brave://discards etc. But I’m not seeing you talk anything related to what’s being discussed here.

I always try to look back when people make claims like this as I see what information is provided and try to use it to look for a solution. I’m just not seeing even a single time you discussed this particular issue. Closest related is 'New Private Window in TOR' -- doesn't open, no response at all which unfortunately got missed.

@asor Does this happen in a Private Window?

If so, then how about if you Create a new profile and go to use it?

Brave has rolled out an update since you originally posted, can you verify you’re using 1.43.93?

Just so you know, I’m on Windows 10 Pro and using most recent version. I’ve tried opening over 100 tabs and typing in URL and hitting enter. It just goes straight to the site each time. I’ve not yet had any issue where the URL disappears or the new tab screen is shown without loading.

I tried this on Android, iPhone, and Windows 10 Pro. None of them had the issue. If it is something that can’t be replicated by others, then it’s not really something we can create a Github on and is challenging to try to figure out. What it suggests is possibly something within your device. Whether it be drivers, keyboard, browser settings, extensions, antivirus, or whatever. It’s a lot of little things to work through.

I’ll tag @Mattches just to see if he can test on his devices and if it replicates. Or if he might have an idea what would be causing this issue for you.

Yes, it happens in a Private Window as well.

I understand you have to say “have you installed the latest update” but this issue has been going on for a number of users for years now. Installing the latest update does not fix it.

Obviously not everyone has this issue, which is often the case with bugs. So saying “I don’t have this issue and can’t replicate it” doesn’t change anything. I still have the issue, and clearly others do as well. I understand that makes it hard to troubleshoot and track down. But looking at the various posts, this has been going on for years with multiple people. Just closing out the issue because everyone gets frustrated with the same old “install the latest update” advice does not actually fix the problem.

I understand you are trying to help here, and I’m not trying to be a jerk. But it is frustrating for those of us that this problem seems to be ignored every time anyone posts about it. I can’t find any record of anyone taking it seriously and actually trying to track down and address the problem.

As I said in the post, we had some Users who mentioned it last year but then they stopped responding. I haven’t seen anything recently. If you have, can you link to it?

Not true. Lots of things get fixed in updates. For example, recent update fixed crashes people were having for a variety of reasons. We’ve also had people who have had random little bugs get fixed in updates. (opposite too, such as where new updates were causing issues with Sync)

Saying that means that it’s not easy to find. When I’ve talked to people at Brave, they advised me not to create Github tickets unless something affects a large number or Users (which your situation isn’t) or unless it can be replicated (which yours isn’t).

Nobody closed out the issue. First thing I want you to realize is in some that did close, was because nobody responded for 30+ days. If it goes unnoticed and Users don’t keep it alive, then the system closes tickets and it moves on.

That isn’t just the solution. It’s a question of whether the issue persists. It’s kind of important to know as it can help narrow things down a bit. And if you’re not on the most recent version of Brave, then makes it even harder to help because they aren’t going to be working on changing code in outdated versions. So it’s incredibily important to ask this and make sure Users ARE in fact using the latest update and can say whether the problem continues or was fixed.

I know, neither of us are. Don’t think anything being said is insulting to each other. You’re expressing you have a problem and I’m expressing what can or can’t be done, how difficult it is to resolve, and then just asked for some basic troubleshooting steps and to verify some information. Then tagged in someone from Brave who focuses on Browser Support.

Hi @Saoiray, here it is:

(May 2021)

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Yep, so something I missed. This is part of the reason why I ask questions, so can see. I think that was during a time they pulled SaltyBanana off of Brave Community to work on a few projects, hence the delays in responding to you. And unfortunately nobody, myself included, saw it or got involved. Of course, part of the issue there is it seems like everyone stopped communicating and it auto closed.

I do jump on a lot and have been for a while, but I tend to respond more to recent and updated posts/topics, the ones that appear under Latest and don’t always go back in time too much. It kind of gets assumed issues aren’t happening anymore or person gives up if it goes a while without any responses.

I don’t think I’ve seen other posts/topics from others since, but I’ll try to research a bit more. It’s currently the weekend, so likely won’t have anyone from Brave poking their head in until after Monday. At that point, will see if maybe @Mattches might have any ideas what can be causing problems…assuming we don’t manage to think of something ourselves over the weekend.

Also going to tag @Chocoholic to see if they are aware of any tips or tricks. They typically keep track of a lot of issues and how to solve them. Maybe we’ll get lucky.

Sorry, can’t help. Just going to repeat some information and suggest some things that are probably off the wall and in no way related…

  1. Clear history/cache for all time
  2. Clear DNS (Update broke DNS? - #4 by fanboynz)
  3. Reset router (already suggested in previous posts)
  4. Disable all extensions (already suggested in previous posts).

Test Settings:

  1. Disable/enable autocomplete urls
  2. DIsable/enable secure DNS and test with custom settings


  1. Start tracking websites where have to enter twice and see if pattern emerges
  2. Open DevTools before entry and keep open to see if an error is generated with first entry
  3. Using non-standard/gaming/specialty keyboard?
  4. Anti-virus software? Even though not getting error, try temporarily disabling.
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Hi, @Saoiray.

That does happen, and one doesn’t wish to keep barking when there is no response.

One (e.g., the Brave user) is also not in a position to determine what resources Brave (the company) has to address what is probably a very large number of issues. (Another reason to give up.)

That said, I hope Brave won’t give up, as the issue is one that must have a cause that hopefully can be found. And it is very persistent (i.e., in no way a rare occurrence).

It’s a strange phenomenon: dropping a URL into the URL line, seeing it there, then seeing it disappear, then repeating the action and finding (without exception) that the second try always works.


Yeah, guess main thing on that when I say they give up, is then the topic doesn’t end up within Latest and eventually it gets drowned out in the bunch of nonsense posts. (like all these people talking about unsupported regions even though official notices already have been made).

Not sure if you’ve ever looked, but https://community.brave.com/about has a small portion that shows how many posts, topics, etc are made in a given day, week, month, and all time.

Topics doesn’t seem too bad in theory, but the problem is nearly 400 posts (comments) and many of those are tagging people and/or are off-topic. Then there’s all the actual support tickets submitted. Between it all, it’s easy to miss something or forget about something you were working on with people.

In that aspect, it’s very important to keep a topic alive as long as an issue persists. (especially if you can do it when you see someone active.)

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Should say, also makes it harder for those at Brave as they also have to try to balance everything and find solutions. Of course, more critical issues and easily diagnosed problems tend to be handled first. More complex things like this get worked on in between, though challenging if can’t replicate.

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OK, it’s “Keep it alive” from now on. :wink:

If you didn’t notice it in the May 2021 thread, user ‘politicus’ (https://community.brave.com/u/politicus) reported what seemed to be the identical issue.

Thanks also for the stats link. (They left you out. “Our Moderators”.)