URL's Don't Load Directly, Only Search

Description of the issue:

I cannot copy and paste a link in the brave browser on my mobile device and have the URL load. It always puts the URL in search. The same thing happens with QR code reader information. The QR doesn’t launch in Brave, so I have to copy and paste the URL. Only, the URL doesn’t load, only search results do. I’d like to be able to load URLs directly, but they don’t load. the URL is converted into a search function with results pages instead of loading the website. I don’t see any options in the settings to load URL’s as they are, rather than performing a search with the URL

Expected result:

I expect to load the website when I put a direct URL in the brave URL area, rather than have that link go through search. One would think the https:// would prompt the browser to load the page, rather than perform a search. Is there a way to make the browser actually load the website links?

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details

Galaxy S10e, Android version 12

Thank you for your time and consideration

I wrote this 23 days ago, but there’s been no responses and I see that a number of entries in the community forums end up being closed with no replies. Can anyone help me resolve this issue?

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