URL Verification Proposal

Hello, Brave Community!

I’d like to put forth an idea that could further enhance security within the Brave browser. We’re all familiar with the standard padlock icon in the address bar that signifies a secure connection. However, I’d like to propose the incorporation of a URL verification system that takes security a step further.

The concept involves adding a verification logo, akin to those seen on platforms like Twitter, next to verified URLs. This would enable users to quickly and reliably identify authentic and legitimate web pages. I believe this addition could be a significant stride in browsing security.

What are your thoughts, fellow community members? Would this be feasible and valuable in improving the browsing experience and providing greater confidence in the authenticity of websites?

I look forward to your opinions and contributions on this matter.

I think this is a great idea. This is similar to what a lot of security orgs like Norton, McAfee, etc. have done. However, those extensions are 1) not native and 2) impose privacy risks of collecting url clicks and other browsing habits. I prefer to minimize the amount of extensions I have on the browser, especially regarding security, so this has a big thumbs up for me :+1:

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