URL is Not autofilling as I type

Brave browser on my windows 11 laptop hasn’t been able to autofill the URL as I type. It is selected in the setting in privacy to do it.
Any idea why it just stopped doing it?

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Anyone. Why is it not autofilling or suggesting finishing as I type.?

Are you by chance clearing any data when you exit the browser? If so it may be clearing whatever sites have been remembered and subsequently will not autofill the information.

I cycled the browser a few times and ensured I went from on and off in Appearance section for show autocomplete, etc etc. There were 3. It just wasnt taking.
History was still there. I thought it may have been because of sync with the phone, but phone works great.

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Are you clearing any data when you exit the browser? Please check in History —> Clear browsing data --> On exit

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in my post above, that fixed it… I dont clear data from surfing the web for months. Not sure what happened. But it just was Not auto filling out URL. It is now.