URL Hyperlink Error

Description of Issue:
From email, I click on url link and when Brave window opens, it doesn’t open the exact URL link. Instead, I get this error message.
Don’t want to post actual URL Link as it is a password reset. Even cutting and pasting into browser bar doesn’t work. Goes back to this error message.

Expected result:
Any url link should go directly to url.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 0.70.121 Chromium: 78.0.3904.70

Additional Information:*

The first thing I would recommend is to go to Menu --> About Brave and ensure that the browser updates to the latest version before trying.

I considered that…the browser is complete updated and I’m still having the same issue.

I also cleared history and cookies, still getting error

I believe that you may need to allow cookies for the site before the password reset will go through. I think Shields are blocking something – can you try opening the Shields panel on the site and changing the cookie control setting to All cookies allowed and then pasting the link into the browser again?

ok, I tried to do this. Went into settings, Shields, Cookies, Allowed all Cookies. Still getting error. Do I need to save or restart browser for changes to take effect?
BTW, thanks for your quick assistance trying to help me…really appreciate it!

I also just restarted Brave and URL still does not work. I tried to click on other email ads and all of those work. They send me directly to the url correctly.

Can you try copy/pasting the URL into a Private window?

I just tried that too. Cut and paste url into a new private window and still get same error.

Hmmm – can you tell me what site this is exactly?

I do use Lastpass password manager and I’m wondering if there is a conflict here? I installed the Chrome extension into Brave


Even when I use Chrome browser, I’m getting the same problem.

if it’s happening in Chrome then it’s likely an issue outside of Brave entirely. Does it work in any browser?