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Hi, I love this browser, but I’d like to see the design of the URL bar be more accommodating to users of devices without ultra- massive phones. I’m sure the URL bar works great on the Samsung Galaxy 12 with 40 inch display that Brave’s developers are using, but many normal people are using pocket sized phones with displays around 4 to 5 inches in size and the URL bar is very small, only having room to display about 15 characters.

One suggestion would be to allow users to move the brave logo and home functionality to the menu. I love lions, and I think your logo looks great, but I don’t need to be reminded what browser I’m using constantly, and I literally never use the home button, so being able to tuck that functionality away somewhere would make a huge difference to the usability of Brave on many devices.


Issue logged for this suggestion.

This is not just the brave logo but its the shields menu that is located next to the URL bar. Clicking on that presents several options such as adblocker, httpse, fingerprint protection and block scripts. This is applied on each tab that you visit. Moving this into the menu would beat the purpose of having the shields settings.

Hope that helps

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